Weird party

By Username - 19/02/2011 07:57 - China

Today, while at a party, a cute topless woman sat next to me to flirt with the guy on the other end of the couch. This is the closest I've been to a pair of boobs in 3 years. FML
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she musta been pretty ugly if she had to go shirtless to get a guys attention =/

shoulda started a conversation


shoulda started a conversation

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I 2nd that

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i 3rd that

I 2nd that and ydi

How sad :( Maybe this will make you feel better: ( o Y o )

guess it's my turn to make him feel better.... 8===D

110 - he just needs to look down at his moobs. Bingo! Instant boob.

Bonzer 2

You should say "I love your shirt!" and stare until she figures it out.

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u fail like really get out of the house more

your not s freaking taco. I am -_-

LMAO, duel of the tacos!! >:D

I think I saw that video on Red-something...

In China i see all the time

Sucks I guess.

yes, she does

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and OP is in china, mmm asian chicks :)

should of took off your shirt maybe she'd like your man boobs

Tits or GTFO

The closest you got to a pair of boobs in 3(!!) years? Where the **** do you live?

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It's because there arent many girls in China compared to guys they have trouble finding wives!

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There would be just as many women except for the one child law. All the baby girls end up in America.

In china we kill are daughters cause not enough tampons

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u idiot u could've talked to her

jayellef 3

if a topless girl sat next to you but talked to someone on the other end, maybe she liked you and wanted you to make the first move. although her being topless really is the first move. but honestly who walks around a party topless? I thought that only happens in the movies and I've been to plenty of house parties.

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who doesn't! and like I said to #23, you've obviously never been to a " real" party

Yah topless parties are nothing man, I've even been to pantless parties before.

jayellef 3

been to plenty thank you very much.

Sounds like a good party! What were you doing there? I kid, I kid.

she musta been pretty ugly if she had to go shirtless to get a guys attention =/

That's very true.

Justin bieber!!! die bastrrd die

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"So, are these real?"

^anyone else thinking **********? Lmfao

no it's just you

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yea lol the dog looks scared