By WildaRora - 14/03/2013 07:19 - Australia

Today, I picked up my new car. The dealer offered to connect my iPhone to the Bluetooth system for me. Once connected it automatically started playing the audiobook I had been listening to over the stereo system. Right on a passage which had an extremely graphic description of anal sex. FML
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WildaRora tells us more.

Hi guys, OP here. The dealer was femalel, I doubt she was older than 25 and we managed to laugh it off. After me nearly dying from embarrassment she actually asked what the book was. And no, it wasn't 50 Shades of Grey. It was not just the description of the act that was so bad, it was the moans and groans that the narrator put along with it. It sounded like really bad **** - not that I know what that sounds like! Thing is I was shocked when it came up in the audiobook, which is why it was stopped at that part. Later on I listened to the rest of it and boy was I glad that I managed to stop it when I did. I am really thankful that I found out about this feature before I took my parents for a drive.

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At least it wasn't Justin Bieber.

Audio ****, nice, I bet your dealer enjoyed that earful of 50 shades of grey.


At least it wasn't Justin Bieber.

gavo 8

amen to that!!

Question is does GB have enough space for us all? I mean it's small island..

oj101 33

I am thankful for Justin Beiber. Why? Because he's going downhill like Lindsay Lohan did. Soon, he'll be irrelevant.

Who knows it very well could have been Justine Bieber **** just the way he likes it right up the brow hole.

Shadow_Phantom 26

I think if I was the car dealer... I'd prefer to hear Justin Beiber, rather than the horrifying audiobook the OP had playing.

No one prefers to hear Justin beiber

Whether it was an erotic novel or a Justin Bieber song, both would be Fifty Shades of Embarrassing Awkwardness.

Clever my friend. Clever.

#29 we hope so at least

oj101 33

It's good to see your car came with an extra infobook. You never know if it'll come in handy one day...

courtney680 17

Talk about awkward.. But don't worry about it. I'm sure similar things have happened to him before

For some reason, I highly doubt that

#75 **** logic works more often than you expect...

Come in handy? I think there was coming elsewhere.

Oh wow that's... That's definitely awkward...

abbttmc 12

Thanks Captain Obvious

Captain Obvious is overused. I prefer Lieutenant Noshit.

well aren't you a hipster? you must feel so good about yourself...

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Yeah, if I had a nickel for every time my car turned on anal sex audiobooks around strangers...

Yeah, man. I hate it when that happens

Speak for yourself. What a great conversation started..... "And how do you feel about the Greek isles, hum?"

Haha #33 thanks for making me actually laugh at one of the comments.

That awkward moment when................... Thatsucks op and at least it wasn't a video on your phone also

Audio ****, nice, I bet your dealer enjoyed that earful of 50 shades of grey.

Not 50 shades of grey... There's no anal sex in that book

And you would know?!

josiemorehouse 12

Maybe #70 was an adult who read an adult book??? 50 Shades is awesome!!!

No one enjoys 50 shades, no matter what format it's in.

Fifty shades of bullshit.

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Wow that must have gotten you some looks from everyone that was around the car.

perdix 29

You must have felt like an . . . *lowers sunglasses* asshole.

perdix 29

#54, that's the least of #22's problems! The "lowers sunglasses" motif is like dynamite -- when used by someone with the proper training and experience, it can produce great results, but when used by someone with such skill, massive damage can occur! I've had personal mentoring from David Caruso himself. ;)

Butt wait there is more.

We will double the hole offer! You'll bend over with excitement! So cum on down!

37 - Your username makes your comment even better.