By afraidofcans - United States - Stafford
Today, after years of being terrified of those biscuit cans that pop when you unwrap them, I finally decided I'd open one myself. I'm sitting in the hospital with a sliced hand from the lid and can feel therapy in my future. FML
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Ur not supposed to try and open those with ur hand ur supposed to bang em on the edge of a counter.. Idk if that was Wut OP was trying to do to cause him to slice his hand but that is my guess

  happle  |  21

I don't see why 48 was thumbed down so much. That is how you open those... I don't know how OP hurt himself; I never have with those...
Edit: Okay, her grammar was bad, but still. I'm sure you guys can still understand her. -_-

  plasmicmac  |  6

48 & 85 - they're made to be opened by hand, you morons. why would they design them to be opened by beating them on your counter? you can also open them. by throwing them off the roof but that's not how they were made...

  8313girl  |  28

My dad beats the can on the counter … because he has one hand. Most people with 2 hands squeeze it til it pops open. How OP wound up with his hand cut open is beyond me. He sounds like the kinda guy that goes these instructions were confusing & I ended up with my dick in the toaster!

  xNephilim  |  18

I open them by throwing them on the counter, but that's because I hate sudden loud noises. If I throw it, the (sudden) pop of the can and the (planned) noise of it hitting the counter will be so close together that it doesn't bother me.

  crystalxa  |  35

Everyone is scared of the pop. That's what makes them so fun! No need to take it to the highest level OP! Just take a chill pill and don't buy biscuits.

  kyleekay  |  25

22- I can understand a fear of staplers. If someone throws one at you, you can bet that's going to hurt. Not to mention the actual staples hurt like hell if you accidentally staple your finger or something. But butterflies are pretty and harmless!

  heygirlie777  |  21

I decided to do some "research" because I was curious about your fear of butterflies. Its called lepidopterophobia. You're not the only one. Try

  BellaBelle_fml  |  23

I have globophobia, the irrational fear of balloons, mostly balloons popping. Usually people who suffer from globophobia have experienced some sort of trauma involving balloons. I, however, cannot think of any such experience in my life. I have absolutely no idea why I have such a problem with balloons. But that's why they call it an irrational fear.


I have a fear of caterpillars. I hate bugs, but caterpillars are the worst.

Thing is, I used to idolize butterflies a lot, but one day as a child, outside my church there was an infestation of caterpillars. So much so, that the women and children were told to stay inside while the men dealt with them. Because they were caterpillars and I was obsessed with the idea of metamorphism at that point, I turned hysterical when the decision was made to destroy all of them with a fire hose. I was about 5 years old at the time, so all I can remember is screaming and crying for a long long time, then hours later being dragged out of the building and staring down at all the strewn dead caterpillar parts I was stepping on.

Since then whenever I get near one, or see one, I get cold sweats, shivers, and basically freak out. Couldn't participate in my elementary school Butterfly Garden, nor go on the field trip to the Botanical Gardens in middle school. Was doing a Field Day in elementary and that turned into such a disaster because of one (somehow lodged in my shirt) that I was excused from all Field Day activities at that school.

  xNephilim  |  18

Butterflies are freaking disgusting! I'm perfectly fine with looking at them and seeing pictures, but have one come near me or, God forbid, try to land on me and you will see one very freaked out white girl.

  laniparis  |  13

I have an irrational fear of whales. They have life size whale statues on the roof of the Brisbane Museum and I used to freak out every time we went there. And yes, Free Willy does freak me out too. They don't call them killer whales because they're friendly XD

  Tzofi  |  11

It's not an uncommon phobia. I'm terrified of moths and, to a lesser extent, butterflies.

A phobia doesn't have to make sense; that's why it's an irrational fear.

  CptZoe  |  10

This thread has made me happy! I have a lot of fears (far less now than I used to) my main one is the sea. It's mainly the idea of things in the sea, whales for example, they are huge (obviously) and have tonnes of room. They are not cramped in there! Sharks make me physically throw up on sight of one. Balloons terrify me, the popping of them, had one burst in my eye when I was young. Butterflies and moths scare the crap out of me, it's the fluttering. Bleecgh. There are many more, but I feel that will do for now :P I'm glad I am not the only one :D

  wtfjess  |  10

96, is that, by any chance, a reference to A Series of Unfortunate Events?

If not, I apologize for probably confusing you. I don't think that book series is very well known. -_-'

By  Spottedfeather  |  6

Why were your hands anywhere near the lid ? You're supposed to unwrap a little of the label (I usually unwrap about half) and then grab the middle of the tube and squeeze it until it pops open.

  flockz  |  19

of course the Pillsbury "Doe Boy" isn't cuddly. he gets mistaken for a female deer all the time! you better call him a buck or he'll piss on your biscuits.

oh wait you meant "Dough"......

well ya that guy will definitely fuck you up too.