By inthefamily - 23/10/2012 13:29 - United States - Washington

Today, my fiancé's stepfather asked me how my teaching job was going. I replied heatedly that I've never taught, and then complained bitterly to my fiancé about how his family still doesn't know me. Turns out his stepfather has early onset dementia, and that I'm an asshole. FML
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Sounds like someone never even taught you to be polite

twinny_sc 13

Seems like you don't know much about his family either so what are you so pissed about?


Sounds like someone never even taught you to be polite

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16/ and what if I WAS a flying green monkey that sang mariachi songs? I'm not but, just sayin..

25 I'd be very impressed at your language skills.

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I don't know according to Vsauce we are all the centers of the universe.

More like you don't know his family very well yet.

kennaem1 11

I feel like commenting that I had a frog like the one I. Your picture

still you didn't need to be so snappy. maybe this is another PMS Fml

It sounds like it. It is that time for many girls now.

I like to think I'm crispy nice when on my period.

That should definitely say 'actually very' and not crispy...

BellaBelle_fml 23

I actually like the typo. You have inadvertently created a new form of being nice mixed with minor rudeness. I shall be using the new phrase 'Crispy nice'!

Idk, crispy freaks me out. It's like the word moist. Makes me cringe :/

Well assuming they never told you, you're not an asshole, but you did overreact for sure . And if they did tell you, then you may need to get your self checked for dementia

Well seems to me that OP needs to stop bitching about the family not knowing him. Apparently he doesn't know the family all that good either, or else he would've known that about the girlfriends stepfather.

30: you do realize OP is a girl, right?

I wonder if she's repeatedly told her fiancées step-dad that she doesn't teach. It could explain why she thinks it sucks.

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RedPillSucks 31

father-in-law, not step-father.

Oh wait I thumbed you up, then realized he is the fiancées step father! It says it twice.. How did we miss that?

Op never make your in-laws mad at you before the wedding.

twinny_sc 13

Seems like you don't know much about his family either so what are you so pissed about?

PhishloverA 14

I agree. Talk about knowing eachothers family!

zeffra13 31

Most people are really private about mental disease, so it's entirely possible they never mentioned to her that he has dementia. The FML implies she wasn't aware of it.

unknown_user5566 26

Hopefully you aplogized, OP. Dementia or not, your reaction to your fiance's stepfather was quite rude.

Seems like your the one that doesn't know his family at all.

Have you been told this little nugget of information before OP? If yes, then yes you were asking for it, if no, then, ah well, shit happens. But I'm not really seeing the need for the "bitter complaint".

Most people try to make their in-laws like them....overreacted a bit OP

I wouldn't expect my boyfriend's mom to remember everything about me. Of course it's nice but one should be able to handle it better than you did. Btw: I don't think I would bitch to my boyfriend about his family because of small things like that - it's really rude. Of course, that his father has dementia makes it worse, but how you phrased everything would still be rude if he didn't.

amandajlucas2015 2

That's what I was thinking.. When I am with someone.. It doesn't even have to be a boyfriend it can just be a friend and they start bitching to me about my family it makes me feel really awkward and uncomfortable so im wondering why OP would want to put her future husband in that kind of situation

Yea, agree. To be honest, I actually just don't bitch about anyones family members because one doesn't know them as well as the person whose family members these are. The person, most often, either knows that there's a reason for these behaviors (background story) or doesn't want to hear the bad things about family members, which he/she most likely is aware of already. And also, family tend to be the closest thing people have and one should not talk trash about them. I think that unwritten rule has existed like... always.