By inthefamily - United States - Washington
Today, my fiancé's stepfather asked me how my teaching job was going. I replied heatedly that I've never taught, and then complained bitterly to my fiancé about how his family still doesn't know me. Turns out his stepfather has early onset dementia, and that I'm an asshole. FML
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By  guitarbeast  |  22

Well assuming they never told you, you're not an asshole, but you did overreact for sure . And if they did tell you, then you may need to get your self checked for dementia

  Chanti_fml  |  26

Well seems to me that OP needs to stop bitching about the family not knowing him. Apparently he doesn't know the family all that good either, or else he would've known that about the girlfriends stepfather.

  loloalltheway  |  23

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  zeffra13  |  31

Most people are really private about mental disease, so it's entirely possible they never mentioned to her that he has dementia. The FML implies she wasn't aware of it.

By  Demonfish  |  14

Have you been told this little nugget of information before OP? If yes, then yes you were asking for it, if no, then, ah well, shit happens. But I'm not really seeing the need for the "bitter complaint".