By charlotte9338 - 23/10/2011 23:32 - Canada

Today, I went to the hospital with a broken hand. They gave me a cast and some prescription pain medication. The only problem is that the bottle of medication is child-proof, I live alone and I can't open it with one hand. FML
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I think the best solution is hold the bottle between your thighs while sitting down and then twist the cap. Seems like it might work. Good luck!


Use that big mouth of yours... ;) Or just use your armpits that would work too.

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Well there is a type of "pain killer" that can be performed with one hand...

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Just tried opening three different child proof caps with one hand. Succeeded. Not sure what op's problem is.

#34, The op is experiencing pain, hence the pain killers. You did it ok, but you didn't suffer the pain she is experiencing...

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Put it in between your knees and then try opening it with your available hand…or mouth?

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Op isn't very creative if he/she can't open it without the other hand....

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The problem is shes a woman. Us guys are used to doing everything one handed. Open prescription bottles while masturbating is not a rare occurrence in any male house hold.

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Then you must be pro at opening child proof percription bottles with one hand, 44.

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Haha that's funny. Sucks for them though!

Hold the bottle with your good hand and use your cheek to push it down the twist the bottle with your hand trust me I had this exact problem and cheek works best

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Ouch 57, you tainted my soul with stupid.

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44- it has nothing to do with being a woman. Woman can do everything a man can do not saying it in bad way; where we can do better or anything; but the fact that girls can do what guys do as equals. I play cod I fix up cars and have fun so don't say it's a woman thing. I've been in ops position and so has my husband things an b difficult Alone with one hand in some cases

This is a bit off topic, but am I the only one who thinks enonymous' comments possibly make the FMLs twice as funny? I tip my hat to you, sir.

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Have someone open it the first time and leave it open.

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Way to go, 68, he was obviously trying to make a joke, but you just have to be a bitch about it

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Psychological pain+ physical pain= our entertainment on FML

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I wasn't being a bitch u dick I was stating that woman are equal idiot!

74 - yeah but you kind of just took the joke and pooped all over it.

Step 1: Put medicine bottle on table, preferably one with a non-slippery surface. Use a rag if necessary. Step 2: Press down hard with working hand. Step 3: Turn while still pressing hard. Step 4: Congratulations. Physics and friction help you overcome your problem.

Since when do you get pain medication for breaks?!?

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Yeah OP isn't very creative. Crook of an elbow, between the knees, even the cheek thing someone mentioned all seem like logical ways to solve the problem. OP probably didn't even try. I guess it doesn't hurt that bad -_-

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98- This has always been so. They probably just didn't give you any because you were high enough already.

I bet I can make better sandwiches than you.

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Lol i love how many negatives you get from saying that...

69 - I agree! And you're number 69 :)

44- then please explain to me why in every olympic sport the men always get a higher score in just about, if not, everything.

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There has to be someone you can ask? a neighbor?

sounds like... *puts on sunglasses* you could use a hand YEEEAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH

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or you could get a girlfriend.

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Lmfao you mean 'boyfriend' ... Truee or girlfriend.

So now you know that.... *puts on sunglasses* ...Life's a bitch. YEEEEAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!

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So now you know that... *puts sun glasses on* You're a bitch.

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I think the best solution is hold the bottle between your thighs while sitting down and then twist the cap. Seems like it might work. Good luck!

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1. Grab a hammer. 2. Smash the bottle. 3. Take your medication.

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Hahahahaha. Extreme, but effective.

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Take it back to the pharmacy and point out your dilemma

Those doctors didn't really think about that did they...

I'm fairly sure doctors don't manufacture medicine.

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I'm fairly sure you don't make sense.

I'm fairly sure that this comment is irrelevant. But I could be wrong.