By Ren - / Tuesday 24 February 2009 10:37 / United States
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  claireful  |  4

and who wants to be a hostess over a waitress? hostess is a starter position, and if your good they move you up to waitress. why start at the bottom if you don't have to?

By  rachelroller  |  0

#7 Hostess' don't even make that. I worked as a hostess at Applebee's..... $6.00 an hour with no tip-out...but I was working 5 nights a week so I made $300 most of the time.


Today, things were getting heated with the girlfriend. We were mostly naked, but mostly wouldn't do, so I kissed her deeply and whispered into her ear, "You should lose some weight". Clothes. I meant to say clothes. FML

By Spooprfailed - / Tuesday 8 April 2014 05:32 / Canada - Winnipeg
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