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By omfgitburns - 06/01/2011 14:54

Today, I had a plaster cast removed from my arm. After telling the nurse it felt like the saw was cutting my skin, she tells me there is no way that it could touch my skin and that I was being paranoid. She cracked open the cast. Burns, blisters and bleeding skin were revealed. FML
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THAT HAPPENED TO ME! the nurse said the same thing. I have the scar to prove it ..

lol she's and idiot, no nurse should ever say something like that.


THAT HAPPENED TO ME! the nurse said the same thing. I have the scar to prove it ..

Wow that's very strange. The cast cutter only vibrates. There should be no way for it to cause damage to skin. Only thing I can think of is you had issues with your skin while the cast was on and the saw made it worse. Sorry it happened to you.

at the hospital i was at the saw rotated not vibrated but it didnt cut me i was there last year.

That's exactly what the doctor who sliced my brother's arm open told him. Doc: "It only vibrates I can't be cutting you!" Brother: "WHY DOES IT HURT SO MUCH?!?!" then the cast comes off and blood is everywhere. He still has the scar.

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you proble did something to it before it was cut off cause that's never happend to me or anyone I know

Ok, I've never had a cast myself, but I do know a bunch of people who have. I'm trying to picture in my mind how you think cotton will stop a saw that is cutting through plaster... I don't really care how or where the cotton is put on, but I really don't think that a little fluff will do the trick.

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Happened to me too! Except mine was just a little scratch, like a paper cut :P they were like "We promise it won't cut you." BULL.

just because it didn't happen to you, doesn't mean it didn't happen to us. why don't you just consider yourself lucky or something other than calling us liars.

Ok going to post this here in the hopes that people read it before going all misinformed troll rage down yonder. The way the saw works, any damage would be grazing and friction burns. It wouldn't properly slice you open. It's not an uncommon occurrence, if you have a more 'solid' arm at the point the cut is being made it can start to graze there, also with excessive pressure or a faulty/old/worn saw. If you think of the number of people world wide who have casts removed, then the potential for fault, both human and mechanical, logically of course it can happen, and does. Now who's the idiot? (Directed at the flock of mentally deficient naysayers calling OP an idiot/liar)

the saw only vibrates, so, at least for me, it ticked when it touches your skin. my doctor even put his hand on the saw while it was on to prove it.

I hope you guys know that that is impossible the saw they use to cut off casts can't hurt you, I've put my hand directly on one b4

Thx 120 for not reading the previous posts. I don't know what the saw looks like or how it works, but I'm smart enough to realize that nothing is 100%. By that I mean: whenever someone says "all" or "never" there is usually an exception to the rule. Also, its not like OP said that the body part was 'sliced open'. There were burns and blisters. Indicating to me repeated contact in one area.

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or the burns and blisters could be an allergic reaction to the plaster or cotton, a slow acting one yes but its still possible. TBH i didn't think the saw could cut skin either but i suppose you never know.

right. so THe saw might have been abrasive to his already existing blisters and that's how he bled

The saw it's self does not do that, you do by shoving a pencil down there to relive and itch, I am an orthopedic surgeon

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do you seriously think cotton is gonna protect you from a saw?

happened to me too and the guy taking my cast off said impossible. well when he took it off there was New blood on my scar and a new two inch cut above the scar from my surgery. so to all the nay-sayers trying to tell us we are wrong.....shut up, you are the ones that are wrong.

Your pretty stupid. I'm sure they just slipped some fake blood and blisters under their cast the night before. How stupid are you to get that many casts by the way?

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I cut my own cast off with a rotary buzz saw. it's cheaper and you can keep from getting cut. I do not condone this to anyone without a steady hand or basic first aid training.

lol she's and idiot, no nurse should ever say something like that.

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LOL. He made a typo, what a moron! /sarcasm

Get use to it unless I'm on my computer my iPhone likes to correct shit that should be corrected, on my computer I will be pretty good with my grammar not on my iPhone. Sorry to disappoint

^ This. What a bitch nurse. I don't care if theoretically the saw can't touch skin, if the patient says they can feel it, you stop and figure some other way to get the cast off. (And a saw, seriously? Bloody hell am I glad I've never broken any bones.... 0.o Wow.)

And before somebody wants to play the "omg suing for every little thing is such an American overreaction" card-- shut the **** up.

#7 how exactly would you take a cast off??

11. is suing the only reaction u ******* Americans have? Jesus.

I'm just tired of ignorant bigots making overgeneralizing blanket statements judging an entire nation every time someone mentions the word "sue". Of course I realize that my comment was egging some of these morons on, but I suppose there was some naive hope in me that people who should keep their mouths shut would keep their ******* mouths shut. But hey, it's FML! I know better than to have such expectations, WOOO!

I'm just tired of ignorant bigots making overgeneralizing blanket statements judging an entire nation every time someone mentions the word "sue". Of course I realize that my comment was egging some of these morons on, but I suppose there was some naive hope in me that people who should keep their mouths shut would keep their ******* mouths shut. But hey, it's FML! I know better than to have such expectations, WOOO!

Saying sue for something like that was just leaving it open for "lololollololol onli in amrica!!!!1!1!!1 rofll" to be a reply. Americans have a name for sueing, that kind of comment- aside from the high amount of lawsuits in America!- is probably why it has this name...of course its not the nurses fault, shes been told that it cannot harm you so shes right to assume that the OPs fears are paranoid. Somethime its just unfortunate-no ones fault!

#53 - ignorance is no excuse. They clearly CAN cause damage in some circumstances, even if those circumstances are rare - this is something the nurse SHOULD know if she is going to be performing the procedure, even if it's routine. An appendectomy is a very basic and 'easy' surgery. You don't see a surgeon saying 'Oh.. well I wasn't TOLD I couldn't remove your spleen when I took out your appendix, it's no ones fault!'. No. You expect that surgeon to be fully trained and know what they hell they are doing. The patient clearly told her that it was hurting and something was amiss. She responded with a false statement (that was HER responsibility to know, or her supervisors to ensure she knew), ignored the complaints and told the patient they were being paranoid. This caused the patient needless pain and scarring. Explain how this is not the nurses/hospitals fault? Sue them and set a pecident.. all of a sudden every nurse doing this procedure knows to explain the operation of the saw beforehand to let the patient know there should be zero pain (and thus reduce cases of people thinking they're being hurt). Sidenote: not American or a lawyer. I just feel people are responsible for their actions, hold the nurse responsible for hers.

calm down? the man could have had his arm cut off

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ok then, we will cut her hand off for commiting crime! nah, suing sounds better

19, vinegar and water can dissolve it depending on the cast type :D

64 i disagree. Everyone makes mistakes. When i got my cast off the nurse told me it couldnt possibly harm me, every nurse says that...we shouldnt sue for every little mistake everyone makes, we'd all be broke!! Maybe the system needs to be changed but sueing shouldnt be tge automatic response

if the "mistake" causes physical harm, then the nurse should be reprimanded, especially when the OP was in a setting where they be getting HEALED not HURT.

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127 - a hospital is the last place to make mistakes. They are dealing with other people's lives. If a doctor refuses to stop when I their patient is telling them I'm in pain, better believe I will sue.

73- the type of saw they use can't cut an arm off. The nurse even turns in on and puts it up against her skin to show that it won't cut you. If you read the comment chains for the comments above this one they explain it in greater detail.

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No no I assure you nothing's wrong sees it and asks how did you do that? :)

holey moley this made me a bit screamish and I had subconsciously touched my arm lol #3 is right, you should sue that biatch!

Bleeding, I can understand, burns due to heat-build up from the saw too... but blisters? It takes a while for burns to blister and they have to be exposed to air. Still. Ouch.

#9 - I would assume the saw was creating some level of air flow, so possible I guess.

the blisters were most likely because of the cast

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dumb asses the burns and blisters were from the cast rubbing for months

Whoa, that is freaky. FYL all the way! Can I ask why did some people say YDI?

They deserve it for jumping off a building to prove they're Superman and getting their arm broken in the process. Duh.

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The same thing almost happened to me, but the nurse that was removing my cast wasn't such a dumba**. Once I told her that it felt like it was touching my skin, she got this plastic thing and slid it under my cast so that the saw touched the thick plastic, and not my skin.

why can't all nurses be smart like that?!

because a lot of nurses just don't care anymore

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Those are skin legions - dry, flaky, cracked, even bleeding - which is normal for skin that's been covered for weeks or months. They are not burns or cuts. You're all idiots.

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THIS! If a saw really was touching your skin, you'd see lacerations and they'd send you home with stitches. Burns and blisters do not come from a saw cutting skin, thanks.

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When you don't know the difference between the word "lesion" and "legion" you should really refrain from calling anyone else an idiot.

I disagree with you on the basis of your misspelling of "lesions". Otherwise, you're exactly right. That plaster saw doesn't cut skin, nor does it burn. Blisters take time to develop. So everyone screaming "sue!" needs to get a clue. Edit: beaten by Sallen. Drat. Edit 2: My rhyme was unintentionally awesome.

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26 - excuse me for typing fast.


No excuse for lack of proofreading. On the other hand, it did give me the hilarious mental image of legions of (undead) skin.

so how come I have this epic scar running down my hand where the saw was and I was screaming telling them to stop? it's so possible. consider yourself lucky if it didn't happen to you. a holes.

so you are saying that if you pushed the saw against your arm and turned it on it wouldnt cut you?

155- yeah, for me the nurse ran it up and down her arm while it was on and then asked if I wanted to try. It was a weird feeling but didn't cut me.