By sorethumb - 15/12/2015 23:39 - United Kingdom - Bookham

Today, while observing a surgery, I was asked to open a glass ampule of adrenaline. Not only did I break it and get it everywhere, I sliced open my thumb bad enough to need stitches. FML
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Well, you were in the right place to get it fixed.

Accidents happen OP! Hope you're okay.


First! But that's unfortunate. Are you okay?

Well, you were in the right place to get it fixed.

Accidents happen OP! Hope you're okay.

SilentSin 23

Well fuck

Not really the right place to do that...

you had one job!

MedChew 19

FYL OP. As a healthcare worker myself I can attest that some ampoules are a bitch to open up whether due to poor design or manufacturing defect. Some inevitably will blow up in your fingers. I had my finger nicked a few times myself. God knows why we keep using these annoying little things.

Because they're hermetically sealed and the sealed glass is less susceptible to foreign gasses and liquids.

Yep I did the same thing last week! And after 5 years of not realising, the surgeon mentioned there is a little dot on one side of the top where you should crack the ampule AWAY from. Just in case you didn't realise it either!

If the ampoule feels difficult to open, I use an unopened alcohol swab as a barrier between me and the glass. There are even ampoule openers available for purchase. Sometimes they're just damn stubborn to open. Hopefully you didn't feel the effects of the adrenaline ☺

I use an unopened alcohol swab every time. I don't want to be a statistic!

You really shouldn't of got cut up buy it. Accidents happen

I don't really think there is a "should or shouldn't" about getting cut by things on accident. Unless you were attempting to make a pun, in which case better luck next time.

Meh, screwed it up rushing. Concept was there so get off your high horse.

shouldn't have*

Well at least you know you're going into the right line of work. that way you can fix yourself up everytime you're clumsy enough to hurt yourself.... or maybe that means you're going into the wrong one....

Hope you're doing well OP!

Don't suppose you got a hit of the adrenaline when it got in the wound?

StiffPvtParts 43

Even if it didn't get in his wound, I'm pretty sure OP got quite a rush of adrenaline just from the shock of when it it shattered within his grasp xD