By Anonymous - / Sunday 31 July 2016 16:45 / United States - Brooklyn
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By  SixthSinEnvy  |  39

I bet that was a cat-tape-strophe.

  HighRevolver  |  17

Idk why people find this guy funny his comments aren't even good

By  cek727  |  16

Sorry, but if your first action as a new pet owner WASN'T going to the vet to get them established as a patient and checked out, it is /kinda/ your own fault. It still sucks though. I do understand that emergency situations come up where the animal HAS to be taken in right away and the medical stuff sorted out afterwards. If that's the case, totally not your fault.

  gracehi  |  31

Tape worms can happen any time in cats. All it takes is eating one flea that happens to be carrying eggs. It's only OP's fault if she now doesn't get the medicine.


Today, while changing the litter in the cat box, the brand new carton ripped open, spilling all twelve pounds of cat litter over my kitchen floor. Both cats promptly rushed over and began frantically urinating all over it. FML

By misfitunfit - / Wednesday 11 November 2015 01:24 / United States
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