By becca - 29/10/2012 03:39 - United States

Today, I woke up to a gift from my boyfriend: a Playboy magazine with a Post-It note that said, "Just a reminder that you're easily replaceable." I think he's still mad at me for beating him on X-box. FML
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kultyre 7

Leave a ***** with a post it note on it reminding him he's easily replaceable as well.

A girl who plays video games and is good at them? He's a lucky guy...


Wow he can actually get a playboy girl? (sarcasm)

Get him to watch Magic Mike with you and tell him the same!

iseyixes 18

Perhaps he meant he can replace her with his hand....hence the magazine.

^I think you missed the point of the joke.

Men and their pride... Talk about losing your manhood.

Wow. Im sorry, but there's no excuse for talking to a woman like that. If he can get that upset over you beating him on a GAME, I would suggest running now. The best predictor of future behavior is past behavior (this). No one deserves to be treated like that!

Zoh_Aubrey 8

I bet his dick is HUGE! No, not at all.

A girl who plays video games and is good at them? He's a lucky guy...

Seriously? If that's true, you're not easily replaced.

oj101 33

Or he could just be very bad...

Yeah... Because girls who play video games are soooo rare these days. I mean gosh, when I was a kid I never played video games and my friends just thought that was the most vile thing ever. We just played with our barbies and giggled about boys and how they are absolutely adorable! >.>

46- Haha of course, that's how EVERY little girl is! And just for the record, I LOVE my XBOX And no, I don't solely use it to play singstar and what not. My favourite is always COD:) Also, OP I would see the awesome side to this- That you're good enough to make your boyfriend jealous:)

48- If your favorite is COD, you don't play very many games do you?

Saying Call of Duty is your favorite doesn't really speak well of your taste in games. The OP's skills can't really be measured by the boyfriend's reaction either... he seems like he is just a sore loser.

Haha yeah I knew someone would say that, no worries. It's always been my favourite because in high school me and all my mates used to hook up the laptops (NSW state gov. gave us all laptops for free) and play the original COD and It was just the best fun with everyone there. So yes I'll stick with saying COD's my favourite, if not for the gaming but the experience. Is that so bad? :P And back to the FML everyone !

56- true true, agreed. Not about my taste in games though=P

All of my female friends plays video games. In fact, I don't know a girl who doesn't play them. I hate it when people think only guys play video games. It is stupid just like saying only girls cook in the kitchen. I am perfectly fine with getting my own food.

I have plenty of female friends who play, but off the top of my head only two who are actually good. I'm hesitant to make any generalizations, but it seems more guys are willing to devote the time required to get good at a game.

72-You're hesitant to make a generalization, but then make one anyway? Interesting.

56.. Just because cod is their favorite doesn't mean they have bad taste. Maybe they are casual and like competition more than story line. Plenty of people stick to main stream games because of Xbox live and competing against others. People spend days playing live and people spend days playing campaign, so is one better than the other? People on campaign may get their asses kicked cause they aren't used to fast paced game play, and people who only play play multiplayer may be clueless when it comes to single player. I hate when people jump on the band wagon of saying a game is bad, but they contributed to the sales of it most likely. Having the highest pre orders on amazon clearly says its loved by many.

Marrach 7

My fav Black Ops. I play like a boss o.o. Some guy actually accused me of aim bot.. That wasn't the first time i've been accused. e.e I've tried MW3 but MW2 Better & BF3 is weird to understand. Saints Row III is Ok.

Did you guys seriously start a flamewar about Call of Duty? Let me just douse the flames. Call of Duty is a pick-up-and-play run-and-gun. Battlefield 3 is a strategic, tactical war game. Both FPS's with different aspects for different audiences. It does not make one game worse or better than the other. Got it? Good, I'm glad we had this talk. Can you shut up now? 88-Nobody gives a shit.

I just got bf3 because I suck at CQ stuff (bad reaction times). And yes, MITM, that's about right. CoD is more Arcade-style

Marrach 7

90- **** you. Freedom of Speech. You know.. I think they need to block comments about religion, politics, and gaming opinions. They all start war.

@48 I think she'sbeing sarcastic...i think... -_-

xSonic 9

He COULD just be joking.... But sadly, you're probably right :/

I don't think he's a donkey, they can't write. If he is though, that explains why he lost.

kultyre 7

Leave a ***** with a post it note on it reminding him he's easily replaceable as well.

r_lea94 0

haha best comment, that'll really get him ! ;)

karen1991 15

Yes!!! Agree with the pikacu!!!

37 - that'll make no sense to anyone else if 5 ever changes their picture x)

Inheritance 10

Something even better than a *****, is a vibrator *****.

And better yet also add (and it's bigger than yours!")

8, 19, and 37- There's a thumb for that, y'know.

I think it should be a vibrator and a note saying to pick up some D cell batteries.

Yeah, because magazines are a great replacement instead of having an actual girlfriend.

Probably a lot cheaper than having a girlfriend!

3kmtg 7

No one to carry bags for as they shop, no more chick flicks, no more boring and pointless story's about people you don't know... Hold on, I've got to go dump my girlfriend jk.

Sounds likes he's gonna end beating it by himself soon

12- Don't worry, it sounds a lot more hilarious without the correction.

SApprentice 34

12- It actually is "gonna end", although it should probably have an "up" after "end". The "up" is not grammatically necessary, as the sentence would still be technically right without it, it's just a social idiom that we expect to read there, throwing the sentence a little off without it. "Gonna" is "going to", so it reads "Sounds like[/s] he's going to end [up] beating it by himself soon[.]". If it was "gonna be end" it would read, "Sounds like[/s] he's going to be end beating it by himself soon[.]". Even with the originally implied "up" added it would still say, "Sounds like[/s] he's going to be end [up] beating it by himself soon[.]". Neither of those would be correct. The only way "gonna be" would makes sense is if the "end" was removed from the original sentence.

SApprentice: Are you ******* serious? 'Gonna be' and 'gonna end up' would both be perfectly fine. Thanks for the grammar lesson, but it wasn't necessary. At all.

SApprentice 34

97- I know that. That's what I said. I believe you may have misread my comment. It can be "gonna be" or "gonna end up", because both are accurate, it just can't be "gonna be end up". If you don't like something, just thumb it down and move on. You don't have to read anything if you don't want to. You can debate with me, but there's no need to be so hostile towards me. I wasn't being hostile. I was just trying to be helpful.

SApprentice: My apologies, I'm not a morning person. But I think they understood the fact that 'gonna be end up' wouldn't make sense. At least, I thought it was obvious. I just feel making three paragraphs about it wasn't necessary.

What a little bitch. How do people like that have the intelligence to maintain a retationship?

Then what is it, 63? What does it take to maintain a serious relationship if not intelligence? Yes, my question was intended to be scathing.

Laden_swallow: I know plenty of dumb people who stay in relationships. You can't say you don't know the super "in-bred" type couple who walk around with their stupidity hanging out of their ass? What you need to make a relationship work is the same mindset. If two stupid people have the same goals and mindset then they will last longer than the super intelligent people who don't have similar goals.

What a hurtful thing to say. Basically he is saying you are the same as a lifeless picture and serve no other purpose. I'd lay into him op. You don't deserve to be spoken to like that, tell him so.

YakuzaxGeneralz 9

I think you are reading into this too much.

So he'd rather have pictures of girls then the real deal? Wow he's an idiot.