By Scaredshitless - 03/02/2010 13:48 - France

Today, after waiting to get home to go to the bathroom, my six year old neighbor popped out and literally scared the shit out of me. FML
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I don't understand how you could do that unless you had really runny shit bad luck though, ew btw when you said the kid "popped out" I imagined him popping out of the toilet just before you got there

Haha, wow. FYL


so u got home and the kid was waiting for you??? or u were walking home and he jumped out outside? more detail I can't fully understand this

atleast you didn't shit on the chiropracter

Haha, wow. FYL

'popped out' lol. thats disgusting.

ahaaa at first I thought it said pooped out xD

you pooped a 6 year old? o.O I love how you worded this, made me laugh ^_^

it said popped out dumbarse

wow that sucks but at least no one saw you... right?

The 6 year old did

then he should probably pee into the kids eyes and run like hell

At least you don't need to go to the toilet now. ;)