By Anonymous - 25/06/2009 02:06 - Canada

Today, I was visiting my friend's new house and he was showing me around. I saw a small door in the wall and decided to open it. When I opened it, his daughter was hiding in there and screamed to scare me. Now I know my scream is more high pitched than his daughter's. I'm a 37 year old male. FML
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Please drop by the nearest Man-office and hand in your testicles; your dude licence has been revoked.

I think you mean Bieber.


Hahah, wow.

you should be a singer if you can go higher than a 4 year old girl.

You're a loser

i really hate people like 13 who reply to the first guy even when theyre comment has NOTHING to do with the first guys so that they can be on top, because it makes them feel like theyre accomplishing something in theyre pathetic life. CONGRADUMAFUCKINGLATIONS! YOU WON! YOUR THE SECOND TO THE TOP ON SOME WEBSTIE AND YOU ARE(N'T) IMPRESSING MANY PEOPLE WHO DONT EVEN KNOW YOU! YAY!

One word: tenor.

i would say: eunuch

I think you mean Bieber.

No, tenor 1 sounds about right

haha it happens to the best of us. don't you just love that adrenalin rush?!

37 years old and still "more high"?

That's EXACTLY what I was thinking. Fail?

He meant "more high-pitched." That is an accurate way of stating it.

Uhm. So what? How is this an FML?

he's a man whos scream is higher pitched than a little girls. think about it

did she have to give you a lollipop to make you feel better

LOL this makes me want to try this on some guys.

Hahah! That's awesome. Nothing to be ashamed of.

Agreed, so what? Big deal. Quit whining.

Your fault grow a pair and doubt it the screaming sounds like the new mikes hard lemonade commercial retard.