By frostedmist - 14/12/2011 08:49 - Australia

Today, my dad took me to the 'Super Butcher'. It's basically a warehouse turned into a giant, walk-in meat freezer, complete with headless pig carcasses. I'm a vegetarian. FML
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i'm a teenager. a"child" in my fathers eyes. and it's easily 28 degrees Celsius outside. and he managed to make me wear jeans and a jumper, saying it would be cold. i didn't know we were going there. He thought it would be ok for me to walked around in a giant meat freezer.

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Unless he carried you in there or dragged you kicking and screaming, you have no excuse because you walked your own dumb ass into the place. With a name like "Super Butcher", what did you expect to find inside, daisies and rainbows?

That's terrible! I'm curious tho, are you one of the vegetarians that are against animal slaughter?


That's terrible! I'm curious tho, are you one of the vegetarians that are against animal slaughter?

I thought that was a silly question until I actually thought about it. A coworker is a vegetarian who buys and cooks meat for her husband. They are not all militant carnivore-haters. I don't know that she'd enjoy seeing animal carcasses (most people wouldn't).

I feel like commenting something random on an FML.

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I would enjoy seeing animal carcasses

Anyone else notice OP spelled vegetarian wrong as the name? But correctly in the fml??

I dont mind if people and vegetarian or w.e but when they hate on normal people that annoys me. "Vegetarians, my food ***** on your food." xD

SuperKnuckels- Normal people? NORMAL PEOPLE? The **** does that mean? The "normal" people are the ones who are tolerant of others. Idiot.

17 - Carnivore haters? Nobody's a carnivore; if you're not a vegetarian you're probably an omnivore. Vegetarians don't just eat vegetables... ^__^

90: I'm a vegetarian and fully aware of that. It's a life choice. 77: Actually, most meat you eat comes from factory farmed animals who were raised inside factories and given steroid their whole life, far away from any grass or sunshine.

Yeah, I would get that you know. But some people, for some odd reason, think that eating meat is unnatural. Like, for example, the old FML that said 'my poor body is confused'.

105 - wow, i never knew that. it makes me so sad to think about it /:

Well, you know, 'circle of life' and 'we are at the top of the food chain' and all that jazz.

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Eating meat isn't unnatural (hell even squirrels and deer will eat carrion), but the amounts humans, especially Americans eat and how it is produced in factory farms IS. I have no qualms with handling dead animals (I've butchered squirrels and chickens before), but I'd not touch modern meat. I'm vegetarian because it's near impossible to get good meat unless you hunt or raise and kill your own.

127, Don't say that too loud, there are a lot of people who are in a delusional state of perpetual superiority. If they found out that even some pets could kill them I think they may literally explode, and with the number of them around these days, that'd be one hell of a mess for the rest of us to clean up.

Not much meat on a squirrel. Do you prepare them in a nice wine sauce or maybe a nice crunchy coating?

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I'm sorry OP but we were created to consume meat. It gives us all the nutrition we need and it's tasty.

#87, I was using extremist language to represent a viewpoint - in this case that of the "OMG meat is murder, you ******* carnivores, you might as well eat people" type of vegetarian (that was an actual comment posted on a different website).

147-Actually we are at the top of the food chain, seeing as how we are capable of killing any animal on this earth. Even if we can't do it alone we have the ingenuity to build weapons that will assist us in killing the animal.

175's right. Could a cow kill a human? Undoubtedly, if she was determined enough. But humans kill way more cows, so we're above them on the food chain. Jungle cars don't become endangered by killing more humans than they're killed by.

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I agree, your life sucks. It's not like you have to eat it, though. They are allready dead, nothing you can do. Sorry.

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Who said she was going to eat it? I'm not a vegetarian, but I would still say FML 'cause I wouldn't be able to stand the sight of slaughtered pig heads. Yuck. :|

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#64 - Stop trying to be a smart-ass. You know very well what I meant. Run along, now, thanks.

I'm sure those pigs didn't die from natural causes.

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I want my baby back , baby back ribs......

He just wanted to show OP what happens to things that don't eat other things.


Chilis!!!!!!!!!!! Baby back ribs!

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I used to be vegetarian, but then I toon an arrow in the knee.

When humans run out of cows, we are coming you vegetarian!

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"we are coming you vegetarian"? What...?

*uses brain to insert "for" to complete the sentence*

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If a vegetarian eats vegetables, what does a humanitarian eat?

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@26 Maybe he meant that running out of meat was going to be so orgasmic that he'll shout "we're cumming, you vegetarians!"

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Yeah that sucks. I hate walking through the frozen foods section at the grocery store and the air temperature isn't even that bad. I'd really hate having to walk through a giant freezer to do my shopping. Wait... that was your concern, wasn't it?

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You're now really into pork... Right?

That sounds kind of disturbing even if you aren't a vegetarian or a vegan.

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Nah, I'd love to visit the Super Butcher. I cut up 3 deer I shot this year with my grandpa, and I must say, skinning them out is one of the most enjoyable parts of hunting for me. But that's just me, the guy who currently has a deer head hanging from a tree in my backyard. That's a whole other story though.

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Lol the head is there so I can make a mount o the skull. I'm not just some crazy who decorates his lawn with animal parts >.

Unless he carried you in there or dragged you kicking and screaming, you have no excuse because you walked your own dumb ass into the place. With a name like "Super Butcher", what did you expect to find inside, daisies and rainbows?

What about unicorns? On second thought... They probably would have those hanging on a meat hook as well!!

Oh god, unicorn meat... it's delicious. And it makes you see rainbows and dolphins and sparkles for hours afterwards... *starts humming that song from Robot Unicorn Attack* Unfortunatly, it does cause you to become cursed. Damn.

You people are just the little pick-me-up that I needed today. Unicorn meat. Magically delicious.

Poor Charrrrrrrrrrrrliiiiiiiiiie. He went to candy mountain, now he's mounted.