By ozozl - 07/11/2014 04:29 - United States - Evergreen

Today, I was in the middle of a shower, and downstairs I heard my 7 year old daughter screaming "Mom!! Help! I need you right now!" I panicked and ran downstairs, not giving myself enough time to put some clothing on. It was my neighbor at the door. FML
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Always. Remember. The towel. This almost happened to me once.

I wouldn't be surprised if your neighbor came to your door everyday from now on


Always. Remember. The towel. This almost happened to me once.

But I'm sure your neighbour will understand!

Those seconds used to wrap yourself in a towel could be crucial in an emergency. I would do exactly as OP did if a family member started screaming for help.

I'm sure he was quite happy about it!

Believe it or not, not everyone wants to see people's junk. That's why everybody wears clothing (besides to protect yourself from the elements).

29 the only reason I wear clothes is that you get thrown in jail if you don't.

I was gonna say.... If her daughter was being kidnapped every second could count.

you run around butt naked when your daughter is home?

i guess im the only one who thinks that is super strange. Is it an american thing? i didnt know it was common for people to see their parents naked. I heard once that in the US its normal that everyone has been seen naked by their doctor. i thought even that was weird, unless youve got something wrong. not one person has seen me naked since i learnt to dress myself, besides my boyfriend and he's the only naked person ive ever seen (in real life, besides babies). is that normal for anyone else?

50, I'm betting if you heard your child screaming for help, and you were bathing, you wouldn't take 10 ******* minutes to dress, and then go see what's wrong. Did you even ******* read the fml???

THANK YOU #51! I agree with you, #50 it's actually kinda normal, and even if it isn't, why the **** would you automatically assume it is an "American thing" that's just being racist!

You know, you can actually wrap a towel around you while running. It's really not that difficult.

#50 seems to be living on a different planet than we do... Or is still young enough no medical check-up was yet needed. @50: This has nothing to do with US...

i thought it may be american because the US is a different culture with different healthcare. how is that racist? i assumed it was an american thing because the person was from america and ive heard lots of stories of kids in america growing up with their doctors doing "full body physicals" or whatever its called. if my child was screaming id put on a towel. no one wants to see their mums ******, just sayin. and how could that possibly seem racist? i wasnt being negative. i was just asking if it was normal for your culture.

?=Big Nig (no space)

I'm not sure whether or not your comment was offense or not.

I'm not understanding...

is this a fat slur or racial one

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Sounds like the right way to greet a guest.

I wouldn't be surprised if your neighbor came to your door everyday from now on

And she couldn't say someone's at the door for you?

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... there it is. whoops there it is

26 I blame you for the ear worm I'm going to have all day

Welcome to the Space Jam, Space Jam! Here's yo' chance, do yo' dance, at the Space Jam! All right, all right, all right.

My milkshakes bring all the boys to the yard. They're like, "It's better than yours." Damn right, it's better than yours! I could teach you, but I'd have to charge.

#41, I think that's the first time I've seen that correctly punctuated

Looks like the neighbor got a better surprise then a puppy.

iAmPaul 49


Or maybe the neighbour got a good surprise (better than he/she was expecting) AND a puppy.. It's hard to say which the neighbour would have appreciated more, though the OP may or may not have preferred this one..

Bathrobes were invented for that exact reason. You should probably get one.

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all he wanted was some sugar.

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...and he got it!

Once when I was in primary school, I saw two people trying to climb into my garden using a ladder. My older brother called my parents home dad and other elder brothers rushed home and came down from the car holding 'parangs'. Police was also called. And apparently I saw wrong and they were just outside doing something by the roadside. :'( Try not to chastise her too much since in her opinion it probably is an emergency. Next time if there is a real emergency she might not voice out.

Cool story, but that situation was absolutely nothing like the FML