By lonestar - 03/02/2010 13:57 - United States

Today, my boyfriend accused me of deleting my texts from my phone because I'm afraid of him finding out about another man in my life. Truth is, I don't have a life outside of him. FML
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awww poor you :( just be happy ur not cheating tho and that ur a gd person :)

AGGoddess 2

Do you really want to be with a guy who doesn't trust you?


pepetto 0

awww poor you :( just be happy ur not cheating tho and that ur a gd person :)

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I agree, you are a good person. I'd try to get a hobby outside of him though.

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That's good that u dnt cheat on him but u really should have some time for u, go hang out with friends or get a hobby outside of him! U have to be more independent....dnt make one person ur "everything" b/c wat if one day they were no longer there anymore. U have to think about things like that but chin up OP, everything will be alright jst dnt become obssessed 

i totally kno how you feel im the same way wen it comes to my boyfriend and he acts the same way. guys cant live with them and cant live without them

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Instead of getting layed cause they can't , they seek pleasure in causing fights and debates on online forums.

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AGGoddess 2

Do you really want to be with a guy who doesn't trust you?

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yes as there is nothing else left. (in a non nasty tone)

^This and usually the person doing the accusing is guilty of something. You don't want to live your life like this. make some friends and please, find a new boyfriend. I believe your relationship will only get worse. Jealousy and controling behavior does not equal love.

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agreed, they r doing what they r accusational about

Agreed. It's most unfortunate that a guy you sound so dedicated to doesn't trust you. If you are loyal, and he doesn't believe you, than he doesn't believe in the relationship (leaving him no reason to be faithfully commited)

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I agree with Numah 3. And deleting texts could be to free up space.

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I do it becausey brother steals my phone and reads my texts

If he dumped you, then I'd permit this to be an FML.

Dump his dumb ass cause he has issues! But you probably put something sick on him since you got him acting all crazy, but usually w guys if were (me being a guy n knowing them) always asking about you cheating there's a chance that were doing it or have prospects and are just looking for a reason to follow up on it.

Since when isn't it normal to delete text? Your BF insecure much?

I agree, not really an FML. It's pretty normal if you're in a serious relationship to not have a life outside of said relationship. The only thing about this that even remotely ***** your life is that your boyfriend is and asshat with trust issues. I'd say he's the one cheating and deleting his texts from other girls and projecting his wrongdoings on toyou to make himself feel less guilty, because if he is so paranoid about cheating he is either a cheater or maybe has been cheated on in the past. Anyway, I say drop him and get a boyfriend who trusts you enough not to accuse you of stupid shit. If you have no life away from him, then he would probably notice if you were talking to other dudes all the time...

y do u get accused? lifes abt why to choose n why to b chosen. nothing is persistant if u r not wrong do not worry simple