By lindora - 14/9/2020 17:00 - Canada - Richmond Hill


Today, I counted 3 weeks since my new roommate scooped the poop out of her two cats' litter boxes. Also, she keeps rubbing in my face that she takes such good care of the cats, and I can only pretend to nod in agreement. There’s five more months on the lease. FML
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By  coius  |  23

Dump it onto their bed. Or selectively take little pieces of cat shit and leave it on the floor in her bedroom. This will seem like the cats are revolting from the “care” by making it seem they are wanting a fresh environment to poop in. This would be better than discovering when the cats REALLY revolt by crapping in your room. And yes, at some point, they will do this. Or, record the issue and put it on social media to start a fight and she may voluntarily move out leaving you smell-free!

By  BDove  |  17

Be a big girl and ask her to keep the box in her room or clean it out more often. It’d be better to talk to her and settle this now rather than let your frustration escalate until it results in a bigger fight.