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Today, I was having a rough day and decided to go out for a walk at 1 a.m. to clear my head. I ended up being driven home by two cops, who thought I was prostituting myself at the truck stop. When we arrived, they had a nice conversation with my parents. FML
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When the cops asked if you were a prostitute you should have said, " that depends, how much are you willing to pay?"

In these times did you really think "going for a walk at 1am to clear your head" would really turn out well?


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The cops gave her a ride home, not a ride to jail. That's nicer than the alternative.

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what the **** was she wearing to be mistaken as a prostitute that's my question.

She was at a truck stop in Connecticut. I lived there for 14 years before moving to Texas and I can say that there are plenty of actual prostitutes at the truck stops there. I'm not really surprised at all, late at night, girl who's walking not driving, at a truck stop ect. I don't really blame the cops.

Still, you should be able to freely walk around at whatever time you please. It's bs that you can't simply walk outside just because it's dark out...

I agree 36, but read my factors that lent to the police's decision. I went to go piss in a truck stop bathroom near New Bristol at the young age of 13 and a woman outside of the bathroom propositioned me for sex. This was during the damn day. Just imagine the same location at night.

well maybe if OP wasn't wearing the tank top that said sperm bank in giant glitter letters they might have believed her

What's wrong with my sperm bank tube top? I thought it was supporting whales....

I've been stopped by the police for walking around late at night. I work overnights and travel through a bunch of different neighborhoods, I've always been allowed to continue on my way. OP your problem is that you're young enough to be living with your parents. The police were just looking out for you.

Very nice. How much ? *creepy Borat voice*

If the cops thought you were a prostitute, then there is a possibility some random guy might assume you're a prostitute. He may have even pulled you into his car/truck if you refused. You should count your lucky stars it ended the way it did. Don't make yourself look like a **** if you're planning on wondering around the streets alone in the dark; you'll attract unwanted attention.

This reminds me of the cops from Superbad. :D

For every decision there's an adverse reaction. if we lived in a perfect world those reactions would all be positive because we don't live in a perfect world, however you need to guard yourself. if people don't guard themselves then bad things will happen. Be smart or live with the consequences.

36, Yes you should, but then you should also be able to do many things that just aren't feasible in modern society, mostly because you don't live in your own world.

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That is true but the problem is they were calling her a prostitute with no real proof or reason other than she was out late walking.

In these times did you really think "going for a walk at 1am to clear your head" would really turn out well?

Well I don't know about you, but getting raped or mugged usually clears my mind

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I used to take walks at 1 in the morning, then I took an arrow to the knee.

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I go for walks in the middle of the night but I'm male and always carry a knife so it's not like I'm going to get jumped. It does clear my mind though.

lol most people robbing houses are wearing sweats and a hoodie and start running when they see cops. I'm sure they have heard the excuse sorry officer I was just out jogging.

Especially if you are walking by a truck stop. Maybe next time OP should change her walking route..

It's skyrim noobs like these that disappoint me. It's an arrow "in" the knee. Not "to". Everyone has been making this mistake, and it is making me pissed.

Bad bad. Stop correcting little things no one cares about on here. They may care somewhere else, but not on FML.

When the cops asked if you were a prostitute you should have said, " that depends, how much are you willing to pay?"

Or after they've spoken to their parents, and are about to leave, go up to one of them and say "Here's your change *wink*".

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Cops pay attention to the wrong people! I went running at 4:30 a.m. one morning and got stopped and questioned by a cop. Can they not tell by the hoodie and sweat pants that I'm out for a jog??

127, It may have been the "portable tv" you were carrying.

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Dirty little girl. God is watching you.

It's around time of the Holidays and Santa Claus is helping God out by making a list and checking it twice.

You dumbass, the news talks about what is happening today. The Bible talks about things that happened quite some time ago. Of course they don't ******* line up.

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59 What does that have to do with anything about that comment?

There was, but now it just looks like I'm getting mad at nobody

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wow; :( maybe u shld cover up next time? fyl

Maybe u shld type Lyk a normal prson nxt time?

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Ever consider the police take everything seriously? May be their job, but isn't that a little too much? Who knows, she may have been "covered up" and the police thought he clothes were too exposing? Think of all the options, then we have a story :).

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It doesn't matter how, she was a young female that looked unhappy wandering around a truck stop. The cops jumped to conclusions and picked her up without proof. They're morons, likely (to go off stereotypes, though they could just as easily be big city cops) small town cops with hero complexes and too much free time that they spend 'studying' by watching cops, drinking beer, and patting themselves on the back.

55- You are incredibly ignorant. You have NO idea what you're talking about when it comes to police officers.

I agree, cops might have prevented her from being raped, kidnapped, murdered, etc. generally 13 year old girls can't realize the potential for other people's evil.

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79- who said she was 13 years old?

61- I agree. Although OP might not like being taken home by the cops at the time, I'm sure she will appreciate it in the end. Personally I'd much ether explain to my parents that I was going for a walk and the cops took me home instead of explaining to them that i was raped.. So I think the cops did the right thing and I'm glad you're okay and safe OP:)

If you even have the chance to explain you were raped... O_o

Well, when the cops stopped you, you shouldn't have said, "can I help you boys have a great night at a low price"

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If you weren't dressed like one then your parents would probably understand.

Doubtful. I think they'd still be pretty pissed she was hangin around truck stops in the middle of the night. Apparently pretty unsafe.

rbr0wn 3

You're probably right, but if she was wearing sweatpants and a hoodie instead of stilettos and a mini skirt she has a decent argument.

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Prostitutes wear any type of clothing, not just skimpy dress and stiletto heals. I've seen prostitutes in sweat cloths and a hoodie.