By ifaisal - 26/02/2010 03:05 - Qatar

Today, I was on a date with someone I've had a crush on for a long time. It was after midnight, we were chatting in the car and I was close to having my first kiss ever. That is, until a bunch of policemen popped up to arrest my date for being a suspected drug dealer. FML
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Hey... you're not seeing the plus side of this situation. He probably wasn't someone who deserved to be your first kiss.

Guys, remember. He was a SUSPECT, not the actual dealer.


That's right, Snake. She was making a few extra bucks on the side to supplement her real job. </otacon>

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So, did you manage to get some grams?

haha been there done that "me being the boyfriend" shit is I was never suspected.

in soviet Russia drug dealers arrest police

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he shoulda went chuck Norris on them fools

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Today, I was out on a date with a girl who i liked. it was after midnight and I was about to have my first kiss when the cops arrested me cause they thought i was a drug dealer. F//L

Noun 1. drug dealer - an unlicensed dealer in illegal drugs

OP ur lucky if he is a drug dealer because you will always remember your first kiss so don't let it be an asshole lol at least not your first one

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talk about a date from hell! there's no such thing as a perfect date!/ guy

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yes there is. we are just exceptionally rare.

It was clearly meant in jest... And damn, I f***ing hate you for using the word douche -.-

The word douche can be used in many contexts and i think here it is used in and effective manner. Cheerio

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lol I prefer douche nozzel myself ;)

so wait, just because op said drug dealer, everyone assumes it was a guy? probably right but sexist nonetheless

guys r always looking for something better even when they get what they've always wanted

Hey... you're not seeing the plus side of this situation. He probably wasn't someone who deserved to be your first kiss.

Guys, remember. He was a SUSPECT, not the actual dealer.

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Judging from where the op is from, suspect means guilty until proven otherwise, she might not ever see him again...

you can always brat the shit outa the police or grab his "gat" from Gus back pocket. go 2 jail with him and have apeman nasty jail sex

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Wow... You sure know how to pick them. xD

FYL if he didn't even share his drug with you. You want a better guy to have your first kiss with.

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At least you know he was making big bucks sweetie. ;D Did he do the drugs himself or just the dealer? If he doessn't do them he isn't that bad lol.

WOW. I'm pretty sure dealing drugs IS bad. nott too sure where you live and what drugs you're thinking of, but most dealers that I used to know (stopped talking to them because I'm not an idiot) were involved somehow with gangs. not cool at all

be queit how the hell  would you know drug dealers if your picture is aslame as that

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None of the drug dealers I've met have been "involved with gangs," and I know guys who sell heroin, coke, oxycontin, etc. and almost all the guys I know who've sold weed are college kids #30 seems like one of those people that hears the word "dealer" and thinks of a black guy in gang colors who wears a shirt with a giant weed leaf on it and carrys an AK-47. stop getting your information by watching "Gangland" and pretending it's real life experience.

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You know, the majority of drug dealers aren't what the stereotype makes them out to be. There are a lot of scumbags, naturally, some will try to rip clients off, or encourage them to try chemicals that are actually addictive and harmful, or sell impure product (the reason why ecstasy's dangerous is mainly because most ecstasy pills are primarily speed, with a relatively small amount of mdma). But this doesn't matter because this is the internet where the only viewpoints to get aired at all are those of the idiots who think that all cannabis users are lazy idiot stoners who don't deserve human rights, and those of the idiots who think that doing drugs makes you super-cool. No such thing as a moderate view point.

You are a benevolent human being, and I'd like to recruit you to the cause of helping repeal prohibition. You can pick up an application at

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I consider the people who do the drugs worse than those who sell them. People have to make a living somehow, don't judge them on how they do it. They aren't forcing it down your throat, and while it is bad to associate with them since they can be surrounded by gangs that will kill you just for saying the word "bitch" not all dealers are like that. And yes I was being a little sarcastic, but they can still be a good guys. I just don't know the guy the OP is talking about personaly. :)

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Why does everyone always say "I hope so" to my comments when someone is saying I'm being sarcastic? Is what I say really that bad if I was being serious? lol.

I Live in a huge city. i've known people to be killed because of drugs. don't judge me, you idiots. if you all think dealing drugs is fine and a way to make money, then go do it. I don't give a **** :)

and no, all the dealers I know were either white or Asian. i don't judge people, so I would NEVER associate the word dealer with black people. how do you know that I am not black, and that you just offended me? you sound like you're not very educated, so I feel sorry for you!

Actually all the dealers I know are white an in middle school/high school. They don't pressure u to do it an if u haven't noticed the people who do sell them a lot of their lives have gone to shit an it's actually very hard to get the drugs ur dealing unless u have a full lab available for u to use. If u cnt get a Job anywhere else u gotta make a living somehow.

It is real life experience.! Maybe you should experience reality before you run your mouth

Well good thing if you find out sooner, you don't regret it after

if she's really from Qatar they'll probably chop the guys head off anyways, so it would've been a first and last kiss from him

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ummmm..... thats ****** bullshit theres alot of white people in that country and they make out with each other without losing a head,so the next time you judge an entire country or try to be funny just make sure its actually true :/