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  bhangu023  |  0

I think this is what he meant
- Today, I found out that the mean who offered "to put up with" the women I love in exchange for me helping him with his rent was also dating my Gf before she even moved in!

Fyl indeed

  mynameis1339  |  0

I think that since op is helping that person pay rent, that person is helping op get a women? Some sort of I'll pay you with my girlfriend but already has a mate??

  frozenshake  |  5

I think it means that, the other guy offered to take in his gf in his apartment, as long as OP helped pay the rent. But it turned out the other guy and OP's gf were dating even before the she moved in.
I read it about 5 times before I kind of got it...

  madaoxsan  |  9

Or OP just isn't thinking everyone is out to f*ck him (and his girl) over (and period).

it's a rare thing nowadays...that trust is pretty valuable, you'll come to find out when you grow up. if you ever do. I just hope he doesn't become a jaded, narcisstic arsehole because of this and just learns to be cautious. We have enough of those out there.