By suspiciouspeople - 05/08/2009 05:09 - United States

Today, I discovered that sitting in the back of your car from 8-9 p.m. talking with a friend in a park area is suspicious enough behavior to have cops called on you, then for backup to arrive. FML
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youaresofucked 0

thats America for you ;/

and you've lived in America for how long now? that is normal for cops, if there isn't a problem bring backup and we'll make it a problem


youaresofucked 0

thats America for you ;/

F-a-i-l-u-r-e. What are we paying these people for anyway? To write speeding tickets to someone going 19 in an 18 mile an hour zone? Sheesh. America really needs to get itself together. Seriously.

Unless you're black then I guess that makes since. Racial profiling does exist in so many ways.

americayay 0

11, it looked like a drug deal, so they kind of were doing their jobs. However, backup may have been a bit much.

cucuto89 0

age profilin happens too, I cant tell you how many times i've been stopped by cops because im a teenager and they just wanted to check if i'm sober.

Freaking_Joel 0

To all you saying cops are dumbasses, let me shed some light here. Most of the time cops dont pull people over or check people out on there own, it's overly-paranoid people who see two people sitting in a car in the park late at night and assume its drug dealers or rapists, so they call the police. The police HAVE to go check them out, even if they think its ridiculous. Example: I was sitting in my car outside 7-ll at 5 in the afternoon having a smoke and some woman called the cops and said i had pot, so the cops had to come check me out, AND had to call backup becasue thats just protocal. Officer Mussac, the cop who came up to me, appologized for having to bother me. It's not the cops fault!

americayay 0

Agreed 60, though I didn't know that backup was protocol. They were just doing their jobs.

zomgroflmao 0

that's really scary that you're always being watched> (live broadcasting of street security cameras to all over the world?)

Yup. That's happened to me plenty of times.

happened to me the other day and the cop immediately said he smelled alcohol an made all of us getout of the car in 0 degree weather in t shirts and give us breathalyzers that we all passed. cops are dicks

PYLrulz 17

30 - correct. they will even do it at the Canada-USA border as well.

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When somebody thumbs down a comment, everybody else starts thumbing it down even if they have a point

PaulG10 0

haha im second ? never happened before :P but in real life, that sucks. same thing happened to my brother in-law who was infront of his own house haha

same.. i was sitting on the curb in front of my house and the cops wanted my name and id

Well most parks are CLOSED after dusk, at least that's how it is in PA.

That's assuming he was in a park that actually "closes". He could be in one of those tiny little 'parks' with just a playground, a walking path and some trees.

and you've lived in America for how long now? that is normal for cops, if there isn't a problem bring backup and we'll make it a problem

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America's cops fail. Unfortunatily, Montreal's cops are worst.

Agreed. They're everywhere!!

YDI for sitting in the back seat - that's what aroused suspicion. You couldn't sit in the front seat and talk?

ugh don't they have something better to do

oprah_fml 0

Cant help but ask.. But what WHERE you doing?

What where?

oprah_fml 0

heyy sorry I'm on my iPod and I had a typo and it changed it to "where" thanks for pointing that out(:

oprah_fml 0

Please don't call me names. I had a typo and since I'm on my iPod it changed it to "where". Please know the story before calling me names.


do you proofread every single word you write? ********.

girlskill 0

suckssssss. this happened to me and my boyfriend once except we were in the front seat and for some reason the cop made my boyfriend get out and asked if he had any flame throwers in the trunk. no joke. nj cops are ****** uppp.

shooter308 0

They ask you that to see what your reaction is. They are not serious. Usually people with something to hide don't act surprised, when innocent people tend to be kind of surprised at the question.