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Today, my boyfriend broke up with me because I'm now about 15 pounds overweight. When I called him a hypocrite as he's over 40 pounds overweight, he said that his weight didn't matter because "it's the girl's job to look hot." FML
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  Pleonasm  |  34

We will just have to weight and see. Maybe OP will cut him down to size and that will be the end of it. Or else he will cut OP off because he's shallow, and he'll make fun of her it her expanse.
OP should weigh her options, then make a balanced decision; but if he treats her excess-ively bad, OP shall have her pound of flesh.

  BunchieRules  |  31

I'd say there's a fat chance of me making some good puns here, but what do I have to lose? OP, your boyfriend obviously doesn't have an ounce of decency left in him, or he would stay with you and help you lose the weight, instead of being the biggest loser about it. Losing that weight for him will be a ton of work, but since you are less overweight, you'll probably become slim fast... Too much?

  SApprentice  |  33

Her boyfriend was just being thick, it'll take a lot of work to pound some manners into his skull. Some people just have minds that aren't as broad as others, or maybe he just can't stomach knowing that the bulk of the problem lies within him.