By Anonymous - 11/10/2013 11:45 - United States - Monroe

Today, after sending in my passport application for a trip to Paris, I got a letter from the state department saying despite them having my original birth certificate, I don't exist. Upon calling them, I was told that it only proves I'm a citizen, not that I exist. I pay taxes and have a mortgage. FML
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Apparently your existence has been shut down too.

well that's one way to be off the grid...


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You should get an American Express n go crazy. Then sure them because "you don't exist".

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Two things in life are certain: Death & Taxes. You're dead & still paying taxes. FYL indeed...

well that's one way to be off the grid...

Lol just make real life your own gta 5 playground since you technically don't exist XD

when I went to get my NYS id I needed my social security card. I needed my id to get my card and my card to get my id. I know it doesn't matter to anyone, but yeah.

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I had to change my last name because my social security number and birth certificate last names didn't match,

OP should talk to Ron Swanson! Oh wait...

So let me get this straight. It's this difficult to get a passport to go to another country. But hey lets leave the border open and offer free tuition. Welcome to America...aka Obamaland

On the bright side OP can flick them off. That won't get her in trouble because she doesn't exist....

They need to get their stuff straight. That's ridiculous.

Actually it makes sense. To truly "prove" ones existence, or to apply for many official licenses/accounts/etc. you need more than one document of identification. A birth certificate is a valid form of identification but it can be faked. To really prove you exist, you need to provide other forms like a social security number and a drivers license. Showing up in person to resolve the situation wouldn't hurt either.

I'm sixteen so I'm not sure, but don't you need a social security number to pay taxes like OP said they do? Please correct me if I'm wrong.

16- it doesn't make sense at all. How can you be a citizen if you don't exist? I think its safe to assume they have all other relevant info since they didn't say the issue was missing ID, they said her birth certificate only proves she's a citizen, not that she exists. But if she's been born, and she's a citizen, and they've spoken to her, then she must exist. They're just being dumbasses.

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Contact your congressman! That's what they are there for.

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That doesn't make much sense at all, that you can be a citizen but not exist. Maybe a resident, but a citizen? And also, is your passport office shut down? Some are. You might have to find one to actually go to though, to clear this all up.

I think by "not exist" they meant the birth certificate might actually belong to a dead person. So it proves they WERE a citizen at one point, but not necessarily any more. When I applied for my passport I needed two pieces of ID and at least one of them had to be a recent photo ID (I used my license).

59, I know it doesn't sound logical, but the government can't assume a birth certificate proves existence. I'm sure OP has plenty of other forms of ID but maybe they were never officially used through the system. Think about this: criminals who launder money use fake accounts to hide their money. They fake a birth certificate and drivers license to get a bank account but the person they belong to doesn't actually exist. On paper, they pay taxes, own a home, and are a citizen, but don't exist. Ever seen Shawshank Redemption?

That's no good - the Tea Party has shut them down.

But what happens when your house burns down with all your papers? Even without being careless things like this can happen. I understand the mechanics, but that does not make this less ridiculous or stupid.

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That's why you put important documents in a fire safe or a bank safety deposit box. People saying that you need two pieces of ID are absolutely right. Both a birth certificate and a social security card and proof of residence or something...

Apparently your existence has been shut down too.

oh hai parrot friend! Hope you get your existense confirmed OP apperently airports hold that right now :(

Someone needs to separate these parrots before we have a mimicking cycle.

Someone needs to separate these parrots before we have a mimicking cycle. Dammit! Not again! I've been three months mimicking clean. Looks like I'm gonna have to start that expensive rehab all over again.

Ha! I bet the government would realize she exists real quick then!

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yep. They would prove your existence and sue you for back taxes. But is your social security number issued at birth or do you ( or your parents) need to apply for it using the birth certificate? And isn't there a record of your birth where ever they keep those records in your town/city?

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Send them a selfie. With French toast....i forgot where i was going with this

Dude join the CIA and you can be like a super badass agent that does not exist.

Wow. I just don't understand how this happens.. Sorry OP.

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That's some weird shit man!! Govt got a close eye on you.

well aparently they don't if OP doesn't exist