By ellie - 23/11/2009 18:09 - United States

Today, I was walking on the boardwalk with my mom when an old man came up and asked me to marry him. He promised he would buy me a Mercedes if I did. The man was homeless and delusional. My mom told me I should take the offer because it would be the best offer I could get. FML
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mother probably was just mad cause her best friend probably screwed her boyfriend at prom night

Ye of little faith


Oh boo hoo, this is not an FML.

It kinda is.

the fact the her mom had low belief in her daughters ability to get a man makes this and FML not what actually happened

what number 1 said.

Ye of little faith

wow what a ball breaker =0

YDI because you can't take a joke. My mom says things like that all the time. She would never sell me to a bum on the street lol but get over it. Your mom obviously felt close enough to you to joke like that. If it was obvious he was delusional, then OBVIOUSLY, if your mom isn't some passive aggressive psycho, she meant it in good fun. I feel bad for the bum. I hope you helped him out.

Momma knows best. Take the offer.

Do your friends all drive Porsches? Do you have to make amends? Did you work all your lifetime, no help from your friends?

What'd you do to turn him on enough to ask you out? Or were you eyeing him up first?

awww. dont worry. Sounds like your mom was kidding. She probably didnt know it hurt your feelings.