By sideeffect001 - / Tuesday 2 February 2016 18:48 / United States - Logan
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By  arrouz  |  13

I feel like this is something you probably should have double checked immediately, or during the divorce...
FYL. Spending unnecessary money sucks.

  ttubear  |  17

Not "unnecessary money." This is money that should have been withheld throughout the year, but wasn't, because the W4 was out of date and claimed an extra person in the household. It's OP's fault.

  musoboy  |  22

Still unnecessary money. If he'd known he was paying more tax, he would have budgeted differently and spent less week to week. As it is, he has to borrow some of his savings where he wouldn't have otherwise had to. Unnecessary money.

  Xamry14  |  10

Fine then. Unnecessary hassle and financial strain since paying taxes each paycheck is a lot easier than a lump sum that could break some people.

  ttubear  |  17

Lololol if only the IRS worked that way. "Oh, just an oopsie? Poor thing, don't worry about it this year." There *is* a way to adjust it, though, which is why the amount OP now owes the IRS is more than expected.

  iiTzNeeNerz  |  26

Yeah, you're right. I see what you're saying. I was simply thinking about amending the filing status, though, it wouldn't change anything. He owes what he owes regardless.

  eyepuppy  |  30

Most likely, op was audited if his wife filed as single, divorced. This is an automatic audit because two irs files will have the same social security number.

In the audit process, he would have shown that he incorrectly filed for x years as being married. Once the audience is complete, he has a corrected tax file that will reflect a new balance. In most cases, money is owed to the irs, like in OP's case.

In a nutshell, his taxes were amended in the audit process. The balance needs paid, period. There's no other process. Taxes are one of those things that can bite you if you don't prepare them right. I don't blame OP, the tax code is bloated with loads of lawyer mumbo-jumbo.


Given the time of year and the likelihood of spotting this problem the first time you go to file your taxes as single again. I'm guessing he just got his W-2s and did his taxes and they are a lot higher than anticipated.

  ttubear  |  17

More likely that OP just filed and saw a larger amount owed compared to usual. This is because withholdings were never adjusted after the divorce. Not likely that the mistake was found in an audit, as it is still really early in tax season.

By  anonymuse_fml  |  31

Wouldn't you have noticed that your tax contribution hadn't gone up after your divorce?

Either way, that sucks. I don't know about the States, but in Canada you can arrange a payment plan if you owe a large amount. Maybe you can do that?

  leogachi  |  15

@7 The IRS becomes very understanding when you tell them, "I don't know how you expect to get paid if you won't let me make payments. I guess you just don't want your money."

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