By Alex - 07/03/2012 00:34 - United States

Today, I had to get out my birth certificate to prove to my dad that today is my birthday. This has happened before. FML
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I'm sorry about your dad. Happy Birthday from a random FMLer! :)

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1 my dad never remembers my birthday he only remembers the year.

Father of the year contestant right there..

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I share my birthday with my dad. So, I ask him if it's our birthday yet. :D

Trix_Disorder 20

I wonder if the dad is just a troll dad.

People like this ruin my day:/ (the dad I mean)

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I clicked on the comments just to agree with someone who commented happy birthday.... Ik someone would have alreay.(:

OP should friend their father on Facebook. It reminds you about this sort of thing

Ouch. Buy him a calendar for his birthday with yours marked off.

LaColombianita 26

You'd think he'd remember since it was such a big day in his life.. I guess not though..

Even worse my mother forgets mine. And she ******* pushed me out of her ******. No small feat either at 11 pounds and 24 inches. And despite living with my parents I haven't spoken to either for a few weeks. I sympathize with you OP. FYL ;(

Perhaps your mother's mind is saving her from the traumatic experience of an eleven pound baby exploding out of her uterus.

Possibly. I however wonder why she has chosen a career that has her flying around the country 5 days a week. I guess she can't bear to look at me. Damn me for being a such a fat baby. Doesn't excuse my father though.

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Tell him the date you lost your virginity, he'll never forget that!

Um he had sexual intercourse on the day she was born? That would be quite pre-mature birth.

He means that OP should tell her dad when she lost her virginity

Maybe he should get on Facebook like everyone else and get reminded on whose bday it is even if it's someone u don't care about.

Ya, he's probably just screwing with you. 'Present' him with your birth certificate, blow out any flame if a doubt in his mind and unwrap any issues that persist. I guess he should wear the dunce cap, witch will just make it look like he remembered your party.

Where do you get these ideas?? They're awesome!

39- ya I noticed after the edit timer ran out, lol

It's also pun about how the dunce cap can make you look like a witch.

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I say you forget fathers day altogether happy birthday though hope you have a great day

Wow - there are numerous ways for him not to forget your birthday. I'm sorry OP - your dad should be ashamed of himself!