By confusing - 06/06/2014 19:00 - Zimbabwe

Today, my students turned in their male figure artwork. One absolute idiot had the smart idea of drawing me and the TA as some kind of gay lovers. I was torn between disgust at the explicitness, anger at the disrespect, and yet awe at how well-drawn it was. FML
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As my father once told me: "Son, I appreciate all artwork, though I don't always agree with it."

Guess you could say it was a hard decision;)


Hey man art is art

Tyrannosaurus Attack

Thanks for asking, everybody doesn't live in English-speaking areas!

Guess you could say it was a hard decision;)

One might even say he was hardly mad at the prick for an artist.

Another could possibly even say it was hard to throw away.

others would say you guys ruined it.

Surely inappropriate as you're the teacher, but take it as a compliment: you were his main source of inspiration!

As my father once told me: "Son, I appreciate all artwork, though I don't always agree with it."

Your father is a wise man.

What it the art piece involved your father's death? Would he still appreciate it?

#40 ur on here a lot

Your father seems brilliant. Also, I feel like this is a YDI simply due to how the OP described the person who did it. Sooo. . YDI.

So did you like it...or nah?

I think it is implied otherwise.

#8 is the student

I'm sorry, but that "or nah" phrase just really pisses me off. lol

Were you butt naked nasty, or nah?

I love your profile pic, #8.

can't really understand how one use of "or Nah" is thumbed up and the other thumbed down? make up your mind people :p

Well, TECHNICALLY he followed the assignment... bonus points for creativity? ;)

That might only further the notion that OP is having a gay relationship with his TA.

no one has such a notion, it was a mere artwork concept.

bonus points for boldness and creating controversy like all art shod

Man that sounds like a sticky situation!

Is that supposed to be a pun? This FML does not involve gum, glue, or stickers, FYI.

Semen. Semen is sticky. It was just a bad joke.

If only there was a button to express that, #18!

Wedding crashers: "No, you can't have it back Todd. It was a gift."

omg they drew Yaoi! my favorite art subject ever!!! I remember drawing Wesker from resident evil and my boyfriend making out >XD

I think it's only really yaoi if it's drawn in a manga style...which I don't THINK this was...but thanks for letting us know you like yaoi..?

You want a medal #14? No one cares.

what a cool story though.