By cockfist - 04/03/2014 22:41 - United Kingdom - Glasgow

Today, I spent my first night at my boyfriend's place, and my first night sleeping beside him. I woke up in the early hours to him holding me and muttering in his sleep something like "surprise fisting". I'm beyond terrified. FML
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Cwizer 17

I think he might just be happy and thinking of ways to please you.


OP's boyfriend revealed that his secret fetish is getting surprise fisted by his gf.

So you're telling me not everyone has that fetish?!?!

soo, if someone finds you knocked out atleast we know who to go to

She received a surprise fisting and is now unable to walk in a straight line...?

asnakelovinbabe 16

Poor 41..... So innocent, your mind is! But you're on the internet now... The corruption will soon find it's way to you.

ThatGuyWhoTalks 10

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separate beds? OP should buy him a blow up doll and let's see how it ends up!

Cwizer 17

I think he might just be happy and thinking of ways to please you.

right, I say all sorts of random things in my sleep.

One time when I was in the early stages of puberty I was sleep talking at my grandma's house and told her in close to complete detail about a **** I watched. I couldn't look her in the eyes for months.

olpally 32

Surprise, he's a freak! Haha. Nah, just a random dream hopefully.

inthedopeshow 17

My boyfriend once shouted "I'll ******* kill you!" in his sleep. He has yet to ******* kill me. I'm sure OP will be equally as fortunate.

Keattles 14

Pretty sure it's just a dream! But be ready for anything >.

We have a sleep talker here...and hey a dream doesn't mean it's going to happen...

thatkidmal 15

Won't do that again will you?

at least it wasn't something like oooh Justin faster