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Today, after my husband's phone buzzed like crazy all morning, I decided to pick it up and see what all the fuss was about. He had three new picture messages from his "boss", naked and strapped to a chair with the caption, "Are you still coming over tonight?" We've been married for nine years and have two children. FML
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Wow! Text her back and say, "Are you planning to breathe tonight *****" Omg I hope your husband gets major karma and his 'Boss' too.


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omg ! that's soo sad , he's such an ass !

I'm the 4th comment on the first comment

that sucks. tie him down and pour boiling water on his dick

Maybe he was working on his promotion ...

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21 I really hope you don't mean that.

u deserve it for not satisfying ur husbands needs yes I am serious

OP I hope you don't make your marriage last a tenth year. also don't confront him about it, just follow him when he goes to the ***** house and barge in on them with a knife.

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wait is the boss a man? because that just adds a whole other level of weird to this

woot. I live in Washington. this is an everyday thing lol

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44- of course not =] 47- you just made your future husband cringe

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nah 61 Colin isn't scared of me...I

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45 let's hope you keep up your end of the bargain when you find your wife. No need to argue, I'm sure in your head, you think you're a god.

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41 OUCH! and OP that is why you don't look at other ppls phones

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56, I was wondering the same thing.

#45 It's a two way street...He should satisfy her needs because it will make her WANT to satisfy his needs. Try it and you'll see

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#47, Yeah that's great. End your marriage whilst in prison for Murder... ¬_¬

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his boss was asking for help. "Help! someone took my clothes and tied me to a chair. help!". text* caution -there may be bad guys. text* are you still coming over tonight - to help me out of this chair. it's all very innocent.

41 your moms an idiot. YDI OP for not satisfying his needs. go back to your forearm sized *****.

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94, sorry I missed the part where I'm supposed to care

I'm thinking it's a prank from his boss

oh my god I didn't think it was that bad until I read the last part! FYL OP. :(

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man u should try to get him on a show like cheaters or sex decoys haha

Bobbitize him!! if you don't know who or what that is then you're too young to be married anyway!

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BTW 56 Smartest question on here in a while!!!

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is it sexist that I always at first consider the boss a guy? which made it worse

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suck! that happened to me! men will cheat no matter what bc it's just in their nature to be dogs. my ex fiancé did the same thing with a coworker, and what's worse - I gave myself to him whenever or wherever he wanted! so much for that!

152 - not every guy cheats. my boyfriend doesn't it's reverse for him, he's always been cheated on. but I do agree men are dogs. well 99% of them that is :P

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56- that's exactly what I was trying to figure out...that, and how the picture was taken while being tied up? ha..not to get off topic or anything.

And not one person here who can think? Maybe the pictures are send to the wrong person by the boss by accident? it would not be the first time someone send naughty text and pictures to the wrong person. Maybe he has the same first name as his/her real lover. Unless you can see a actual respons from your Husband to confirm it is him you are allowed to kick his ass. Imagen how weird it must be to go to your work after you gotten such nasty images from your boss by mistake? On otherhand, maybe he was doing this all because you are such a demanding person and he really really needed that promotion/raise ;-) and then it is a YDI all the way.

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Sounds like something I would do.. meh.

160: Alternatively, the husband may have put his lover in his phone as "boss" so his wife wouldn't be suspicious if she kept seeing a mystery woman's name on the screen. OP, this makes me sad. I'm sorry that you have to deal with this.

147: Austin, yes, that's sexist, but at least you are aware of the problem, unlike the multiple posters on here who say that "all" or "99%" of men are dogs. The person who said "99%" is particularly disappointing because even her personal anecdotes didn't back up that belief.

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79- that is exactly why you look at your spouse's phone! OP- you need to keep the pics as proof so you can screw over in divorce court.

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152, quit venting. I've never cheated and I know a lot if guys who haven't as well so you're incorrect. You probably ended up with an immature douche who can't control himself because you're pretty immature yourself. 154, the way you say it sounds like you're going to end up cheating on him, heh.

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op I'll **** you and we can hand deliver the pics to him :)

Wow, 160. You're a douche. Take it from a girl who's been cheated on, about 99% of the time, no matter how devoted one is to a relationship, if the other person wants to cheat, then they will find a reason, even a stupid one like "this situation is somehow justifiable because she wasn't satisfying my needs." You could just be a big boy and communicate those needs, or just break up with the person for christ's sake, instead of shoving the blame onto someone else. No... regardless of the happiness of the relationship, a cheater will always cheat. Oh, and learn to spell.

could be worse, could be a family company...

Yes you are an ass, almost certainly unmarried and probably never will be.

one thing buddy, his mom is not an idiot, a person that would do that to his wife he has been married to for nine years is an asshole and needs boiling water poured onto his dick. your the sort of person who would cheat. shame in you!

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then kick hers... and divorce his sorry ass!

agreed. And then post the pics online just to embarass him... just for good measure.

I don't think kicking her husband or her husband boss' ass is a punishment.. It'll probably turn them on even more.. =)

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some lady sued her ex-husbands mistress. She claimed that the mistress knew her and knew he was happily married but continued to pursue him to the detriment of his wife and family. she won 8 mil. the mistress was like a partner at the husbands firm.

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yeah, I recently heard that in some states it's legal to sue the "other man/woman" if your spouse cheats on you in certain circumstances! :o crazy, but probably useful laws.

tie him to the bed and set the house on fire and then just stand there and watch him burn, see if he likes the way it hurts

hell yeah, kidnap them both and torture them then kill them

102/135: Those are called "alienation of affections" lawsuits. They're only legal in about half a dozen states. According to wikipedia: The defendant in an alienation of affections suit is typically an adulterous spouse's lover, although family members, counselors and therapists or clergy members who have advised a spouse to seek divorce have also been sued for alienation of affections. They're generally considered out-of-date and irrelevant nowadays, but a few women have gotten favorable findings againt their ex husbands' mistresses recently. The laws concerning these lawsuits stem from the mindset of wives as property, though, so I tend to think they're silly, spiteful and degrading to the suer.

Send him to hell :(. that just isn't right

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maybe you should give him some once and a while

#5 - Speaking from experience...i.e. a really bad first marriage. It is not always about "giving him some once in awhile." My first husband kept turning me down because he was always "too tired." (Not to mention he didn't want to cheat on his bimbo a-la-carte by having sex with me.) I know...Now you're thinking I must have been ugly or something. No. I am very attractive. I now have a new husband, my HS honey, who has seen me naked in my youth and still thinks at 47; I am smoking hot.

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if you're so hot, why is your Pic a Griffin? I'm not trying to P**s you off or anything, I am honestly just genuinely asking.

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cuz griffins are hot. OMG a mature sexy griffin is coming over here. scissor me xerxes.

For #100 - MetalFish or anyone else who cares...@EloraDeB is my twitter account. The account photo is, I am somewhat chagrined to say, an actual photo of me. It is less than a year old. Generally, Gryphons are very modest and private about certain areas of their lives. Posting such a photo is highly unusual for me.

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sorry 94 i missed the part where im supposed to care. and any chick who thinks that 'griffin' is cool and is 47 years old is ugly

#5 - Then you missed the point that just because a dog chooses to eat sloppy leftovers out of a garbage can doesn't mean his owner did not offer fresh steak on a silver platter. i.e. It is not the spouse's fault when their partner strays. It is, however, ALWAYS the cheaters choice to cheat. Please note the lack of gender specificity in the previous sentences. Doesn't matter who starts it...Cheating is just wrong! It destroys families and causes lots of unnecessary pain to all involved: Especially, the children.

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144: AGAIN with the not caring.

If you don't care, don't write back. That reply means you DO care.

I'm just going to ring in here. girl with the griffin pic, you sound quite over confident and I think you are probably not as hot as you think.

SarahBear, it doesn't matter how hot she IS, it matters how hot her husband thinks she is.

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Sarahbear, just had a look on her twitter. I'd rank her 3 /10. I'll give you the benefit of the doubt and say its a bad picture though... dont go round telling everyone youre hot. Imagine If I did that? I mean... have you seen me? xD Id get messaged to hell lol

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how would the boss take the pic if she was strapped into a chair?

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@126 She threw the phone and quickly got everything set up at superhuman speeds!

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Wow! Text her back and say, "Are you planning to breathe tonight *****" Omg I hope your husband gets major karma and his 'Boss' too.

or op you could send a pic of you flipping her off along with that message haha

I just hope atlases the "boss" is a woman and if not that would be uber awkward.

Ouch. That's horrible. I'd say kick his ass to the curb, but you've got kids to think about, so you might need to deal with this with a mature face in front of them. Though you can still kick him out. Though you might want to make sure this isn't a sick prank or someone he's pissed off getting revenge... Though I imagine it isn't.

"Though" count. lol. But I agree with you. It would REALLY suck if it was a prank.

I counted 3. :P And yes, it would really suck if it were a prank. I'm just saying that there might be an explanation that doesn't involve him cheating. But I don't think it was a prank. I was continuing my trend of calling for all the facts before judging. Or maybe this is a case where you should judge based on what's at hand?

People always act like it's a big suprise when they find this stuff out, what I have seen is there are some kind of signs nine times out of ten and when people cheat it's becauses thier partner is lacking something they wish to have, not saying it's always the partners fault mind you, I understand a partner not being able to be 3 diff girls at once. FYL for having to find out AND you have kids, YDI for not picking up on the clues (if there was any)

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Well it's not like picking up the clues would've been any better, they still would've had to break up, and even if she did spot the clues maybe her husband would've just lied his ass off that it's not true, so then she would've been unsure of herself and maybe not break up with him(this happens a lot). At least now she has definite proof and she knows what to do exactly.

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14, I disagree. You're supposed to trust your spouse. (even though most people don't) OP most likely didn't see the signs as she wasn't looking for them. Either way if OP is lacking something a certain characteristic, it does not justify her husband cheating. Maybe the husband was just acting differently, which does happen to everyone. If you're married and your husband/wife acts differently you can't just accuse them of cheating because they might not be. If he found someone else (which he did) and they carried that certain thing that OP was lacking, he should at-least have the decency to end the relationship before engaging in another. Nothing justifies cheating. OP didn't deserve it.