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Today, my boyfriend informed me that the mother of his children, from whom he is not divorced yet, is moving back into his house because she broke up with her boyfriend and has nowhere to go. FML
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perdix 29

I believe the technical term for that woman is, um, . . . wife.

cradle6 13

Come on y'all. I know most of you have never been through a divorce (neither have I) but when you have kids with someone, you'll have a link to them for life. Not an emotional one necessarily, but literally you're going to have to interact with them a lot as long as your kids are minors. If you're uncomfortable with your boyfriend interacting with his soon to be ex-wife, then end it now, because it's not ever going away.


Now that's what I call a... sticky situation.

This sounds like a two and a half men situation... You know, from when it was actually good

bluekid7 5

Threesome?.... No? Ok then ( crawls back into hole)

Never try to make a pun again.

Life_is_FML 22

No shit Sherlock

break up with him

Yes, because that's the solution to every obstacle in a relationship.

RedPillSucks 31

In this situation, he's still married, so there really shouldn't be a relationship.

lil_miss_katii 7

Why should she break up with him? That's not the way to solve the problem. If he isn't with the mother and they are getting a divorce obviously they don't want to be together anymore. I don't see the point in them breaking up because of this

Should never get invoked with someone who's is married. If you would like to start something with them, wait till the divorce is final. OP deserves it.

Except that they ARE still legally married until the divorce is settled. Marriage is more than a piece of paper. In addition to a supposedly lifelong commitment, it's also a legally-binding contract.

gabrielbaby 9

Doc- I wish more people recognised this and actually followed by it!

superficialheart 11

You can't legally be divorced in Australia unless you are living apart for a year or more, once you are legally separated but not divorced you can see other people legally, without committing adultery. My boyfriend did this exact thing, except his wife moved back and he broke up with me because he thought he was doing the right thing for his daughters sake, it lasted less than a week before he moved out on his own. There's nothing wrong with being happy.

Stop looking at this as a black and white situation of she should or shouldn't be with him. People just need to understand that dating someone going through a divorce is not the same as dating a single person, and you need to accept that there will be situations that will arise that would not happen in other circumstances. Learn to be accommodating or wait until they're single. There is no right and wrong relationship in this instance as there is no ill intent or deception, but there is a right or wrong way to act.

What's up with this relationship?!

leogirl95 12

Talk about complicated!

I will steal this idea for a sitcom and become rich.

pierce_myheart 0

Are you kidding me? Kick the bitch to the curb

Numeral 4

That's going to be awkward...

lil_miss_katii 7

It will probably be awkward for a bit, but it's not like his wife will be living there forever. It's just a temporary thing :) OP will just have to deal with the awkwardness for a while

Break up with him!

Not always the answer.

dyble95 0

Your like the kid that thinks Jesus is the answer to everything. Teacher: Class, who is the man who led Germany during would war two. Student: JESUS!

OP, they're going to rekindle their love, you have to move in with him as well or set up surveillance cameras in his house to make sure she doesn't make any moves on him. *foams at the mouth*

something like that

jeob1992 8

Catfight anyone??

Homeless shelter?

You are about a dumb shit, you try explaining that to your kids "daddy had to put mommy in the homeless shelter bc I did t want it to get awkward w daddy's new gf" the kids welfare. comes first retard, therefore indirectly their mommas welfare is a priority

Torva_fml 16

52- I see your point, but if you plan on calling someone dumb... PLEASE spell things correctly, and use some grammar.

MerrikBarbarian 9

52- thank you! If it were my bf I'd be happy he was helping his kids out. If they are young kids, then yes mom is part of the deal.

*sigh* Use please use proper grammar sir. Also it was just an idea for a place to go. I didn't say they had to go there.

A shelter help her find her own place. LOL I hate how people act like it's such a bad thing to be in a place like a shelter. It wouldn't be him "putting mommy in the homeless shelter". Since Daddy had nothing to do with her living situation turning up how it did. It should not be his responsibility to kerp her comfortable if she is healthy and still able to be a good mother without him moving her in.

Let's get real here. OP's boyfriend probably does not want his ex-wife living with him. But there are kids involved here who are already dealing with divorce. So, I think in the interest of doing what's best to maintain normalcy for the kids, this isn't a horrible thing. HOWEVER, it more than likely will confuse the FUCK out of the children to live with both mommy and daddy again. I'm torn. Might be a horrible idea.

Steve95401 49

Ditch the guy until the ink on the divorce papers is dry.

A haiku, if there ever was one.

Groucho_fml 5

Except that's not a haiku..

cradle6 13

I don't think it really matters. Divorces can take an incredibly long time. Huge process, can take years.

131- not really. My parents' divorce took about 3 months. It just depends on prenups, kids, and other things that can complicate everything.

It also depends on where you live. NC, you have to be separated a full year before filing for divorce.

perdix 29

I believe the technical term for that woman is, um, . . . wife.