By melissa1028 - United States
  Today, I sent my fiancé a sexy picture while I was at work. I never got a response from him, so I gave him a call after a while. His 9-year-old son answered. Apparently he was getting a haircut at the time. FML
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  bpickett18  |  16

When I was younger, my mom let me use her phone and if she got a message, I had to tell her imediately. if she wasnt around then I had to tell her later but I was forbidden from opening it.

  jerryj  |  27

That's some pretty top notch advice right there.

Good thing you shared, since OP surely couldn't have learnt her lesson after having posted on FML.

  8born8  |  18

Here's hoping her fiances ex has a sense of humor. Little ones tend to repeat what they've seen/heard verbatim. And if it doesn't come out straight away, it will eventually. Kids are innocent like that.