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Today, it's my nephew's second birthday. He was sitting on my lap, so I started tickling him. He laughed and squirmed so much, he smashed his mouth on my desk. Two bloody hours at the hospital later, he has no two front teeth. FML
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if hes two they are milk teeth, bad but not the end of the world

Poor thing. He'll probably hate tickling for the rest of his life now haha


if hes two they are milk teeth, bad but not the end of the world

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I agree with 1. Make sure you make some donations to the tooth fairy, and tell her to be extra generous with what she leaves behind.

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all I want for my birthday is my two front teeth xD

hes a little kid, his teeth will grow back. but still accidents happen

ahahahahhahahaha , sorry OP mustve sucked but it's still hilarious :p Never have kids!

How hard would it be to move away from the desk? Or are you just an idiot with a total lack of spatial perception?

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lol i agree with #3 i cant stop giggling

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Maybe this is a sign that you shouldn't have kids...

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they will grow back not a huge deal... next time don't get so rough with the tickling

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awww... poor kid! luckily he's got 2 more to replace them! don't be too hard on yourself op, it happens. should be f his life... he's the one who lost the teeth :-P


wow for a 2 yr old he must move a lot just by being tickled! 

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they would've fallen out anyway... still, FYL

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At least now he knows what to wish for Christmas. :D

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I know what he wants for Christmas

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well it seems we know what he wants for christmas: his two front teeth.

1/62: The phrase "milk teeth" means different things in different places. In the US, I've only heard it used to describe when an infant is born with a full set of teeth. That's pretty rare, and creepy as hell. I'm guessing those are called milk teeth because the child isn't yet weaned when he or she has them. I can't imagine breastfeeding such an infant. O_o In other places, I think the phrase is synonymous with the US's "baby teeth." I don't know why, though.

now all he wants for christmas are his two front teeth..

Give it back to him on his 16 birthday. have make him think it's car keys, say "I got you something you been wanting for a while and was going to you on x mas but though u should wait till now" (get it? all I want for Christmas is my two front teeth?)

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At least he will not be asking for his two front teeth for Christmas!!

You totally deserved it, that's all I got to say about that. Least you don't have to walk around with your teeth knocked out, and try to chew food that he probably just started on.

All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth, my two front teeth.

You have to be careful when you're holding kids.

well, but now the little boy knows what to wish for for Christmas!!!

Poor thing. He'll probably hate tickling for the rest of his life now haha

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atleast the tooth fairy will pay him big time

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tickling is the worst torture you can do to someone, because it's funny toture. mwhaha

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It's ok they're all baby teeth they're gonna fall out anyways.

Even if they are the milky teeth, the poor kid will spend wuite a long time teethless. That is quite a big problem, isn't it? I'm not blaming you, but the poor kid will be angry in the future.

Why didn't you just give the child two birthday spankings for it's second birthday like everyone else? This kid will have false teeth by twelve at that rate

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where are you from that a birthday constitutes a beating?

I was making a joke, i'm sorry you haven't heard of the "birthday spankings" presants. it's a joke so lighten up, I'm sure others have heard of it

spanking isn't beating dumbshit. my dad mom and grandpa always spanked me on my birthdays till I was like 7 and it never hurt or made me cry I just squealed and laughed. if that's abuse then I was I was beaten horribly as a child

Aww, poor guy, FHL. You couldn't have expected it, it sounds like he was having fun until he lost his teeth. Be careful where you do that from now on, though... my boyfriend tickled me when I was lying next to a lake on a slope, bad idea.