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Today, I was forced to spend an extra $318 for another plane ticket to Dallas. The ticket wasn't for my daughter, my mom, or my sister, but for the quarter of my butt that apparently needs its own seat. FML
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well you gotta feel sorry for the person who might have been sat next to you if you hadn't bought the ticket. They would only get 3/4 of a seat for their butt otherwise :P


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what do you mean ESP since he's a guy? are girls suppose to be fat?

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that could've been someone else's seat, so of course you're paying for it, dude

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hm, seems like a simple solution to me...LOSE WEIGHT

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You could say the airline was (* puts on sunglasses *) half-assed. Yeaaaaaaahhhh!!!

ohhhh weeelll!!! fyl n ydi for bein fat enough to pay an other ticket .... but think about it...if they wouldnt charge you for it , a poor and innocent person would have to share HIS own, not really spacious seat with YOUR fat....

Sorry. But it's your own damn fault. There is no pregnancy, no medical reasons and no depressions that can make you fat to the point of having to pay an extra plane ticket for your butt. You're just lazy..

yeah 13, 15 said it all. girls are the ones who are supposed to have a booty booty booty booty booty rock 'n everywhere rock 'n everywhere!

yea girls are suppose to have nice booty, not fat booty, unless you like that of course.


good. they didn't kick whoever was next to you off to make room. ydi for being fat

Dallas? At least you'll fit in. Everythings bigger in Texas

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Dallas is the fattest city in the US probably the world too

it's called a fat tax. It's just the fee for being fat! kinda like a gym membership you're never going to use...

lol 54! and op, ydi. you know you need to lose wieght when....

that's a bit ridiculous that you have to pay an extra plane ticket. but if you're that big than go on a diet and workout so that problem doesn't occur again

no, but some girls have really curvy hips causing their ass to be wide.

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Hey thanks 27:) and to all of y'all insulting Dallas.. I was born and raised here!! Haha.

55-are you serious? op says it's not for HIS WIFE stupid ass

26- CSI: Miami FTW. •--•--•———•--•--• Life it seems, will fade away. Drifting further every day. Getting lost within myself. Nothing matters, no one else. I have lost the will to live. Simply nothing more to give. There is nothing more for me. Need the end to set me free! No one but me, can save myself! Oh! It's too late! Now I can't think: think why I should even try! Yesterday seems as though it never existed! Death greets me warm, now I will just say goodbye! (*Goodbye!*)

The male symbol on the iPhone app or the "(man)" on the site might have been an indicator that OP is a male.

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#97 are you SERIOUS??? where does "he" say wife again?? I see "daughter, mom, and sister" why dont you read AND comprehend before you try calling someone else out and telling them that they're wrong!! kthanx

7, you're right, let's all be anorexic/belimic, you're a perfect expample of what's wrong with society

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Uh, 123, there is a big middle ground between obesity and eating disorders - it's called being healthy.

123 - I love how you point me out for saying YDI, even though a majority of the other commenters said that as well.

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awww... how sad. but at least u can do something about it... and if u don't WANT to change it, then don't complain about the consequences

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your welcome, and Texas is awesome, I box there alot

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45 he's a perfect match. Is this your kid?

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u are wearing way too much damn makeup

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but fat bottom girls, they make this rockin' world go round!

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awww!! ^___^ <333 your pic is so CUTE!

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that may be true, 54, but that does not mean everyone is obese! i say cash in your ticket and walk your ass there. don't givethe airport people your business.

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OP its your own damn fault if you let your weight get that out of control. It wouldn't be fair for the airline to sell that seat to someone else who would then have your fat ass oozing over them for the entire flight. It makes sense that you should pay for two seats. And to anyone trying to make excuses for OP not maintaining a healthy body weight: No matter what condition/situation a person is in there is something (usually MANY things) they can do to maintain a healthy body. For example, to quote 172: "I don't have room in my apartment to work out, can't afford a gym membership, and right now it's too hot to even go for a walk where I live because I'm sensitive to heat and will vomit if I get too hot, so yeah, there are reasons people can't work out." These are (except for the gym membership one) ridiculously lame excuses. If there is room to move around at all in your apartment then there is room to get down on the floor and do some pushups and crunches. And as for the weather being to hot, try going outside at night...

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I feel for you, op. you wanna go on a diet together?

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I feel for you, op. you wanna go on a diet together?

did you have extra carry on for your moobs?

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123 - being fat enough to have to pay for another plane ticket is just as, if not more unhealthy than bulemia or anorexia.

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no offense but YDI. partly cause sitting next to a fat person in an airplane means that u can't go to the bathroom or do anything at all.

Hey Op, Did you fly out if Cleveland? I fix airplanes there and just wondering if I will have to fix the seat your fat ass was in. If you cannot fit into your seat and have to take the seat beside you than you should have to pay for it. There is no way another person can use the seat beside you.

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I agree op could definitely lose some weight. but losing weight takes a lot of time and commitment and some people say "lose weight" like it's not difficult. many people out there have shitty metabolisms so it's not as easy as some people think. gl to OP with losing weight tho :)

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122 i feel like I have wonthis argument because you have a penis

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oh yeah I'm so ugly lol. says the guy who has a fake picture of an ACTOR

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even if it was an actor it wouldn't make u any prettier.

76 your eyebrows is brazyy dude get them done asap

13 canuckssss all the wayyyy (: op ur faultttt

Op, I'm sorry but I'm gonna have to agree with #180... There is absolutely no reason what-so-ever to be that obese. No medical reason at all. It's pure laziness... For example, my mother whom was always average sized has a brain tumor and due to her medications she gained over 100 lbs. And if she would have purchased a plane ticket she prob would have to buy an extra seat too. But she REFUSED to be that way and worked her ass off, along with the constant agonizing pain from the tumor, and everything that she had against her and she lost 115 lbs in a year. So I don't want to hear any excuses. My mother went through hell with her medical issues, and went through even more hell to keep herself healthy. Maybe you should consider the same for not just yourself, but for your daughter especially and your family.

About damn time they made people pay for their fat. Sorry OP but do you know how much it sucks to sit next to "that fat guy" who take up half the sit you paid for. a lil consideration to our comfort would nice. YDI buddy.

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ydi. people who get mad that they have to pay extra for taking up more room is stupid. if you can't fit in one seat you pay for two. real simple fattie

You guys say that Dallas is the unhealist in the world, but she's from Ohio guys.... but yeah if she was from dallas she proboably be dead from all the obese fat. Exercise Op!!! It'll really make a difference!

your completely wrong. your probably saying that because your overweight and jealous of 7.

f-the life of the guy sitting next to you ydi for being too fat

82 has obviously never had to sit with an obese person on an airplane. -.- I say "with" rather than "beside", because someone with an ass that wide will indeed be sharing your seat if they aren't forced to buy an extra one. IMO, it's only fair to charge extra in these cases. After all, thin people pay the same amount as everyone else. They're paying for the whole space; they ought to be able to use the whole space.

yep to bad your a fat ass try to put down the burger like the rest of us and hit the gym

OP_Anon: yes it sounds like your mother had a crap time with medical issues and weight, but how dare you suggest that just because your mother managed to beat it that obviously everyone else must be able to as well? You of all people shouldn't be so judgmental and downright stupid. I'm not trying to downplay how serious tumours are, but they aren't exactly high on the "Medical conditions that cause people to put on inescapable weight" list, unless perhaps they were right in the part of the brain that controls growth, or the medication you're using to treat them causes the weight gain. While I am one of the first to tell fat people to stop whinging and start dieting/exercising, I can also acknowledge there are instances where it is beyond their control. I know a girl who was on a particular medication for most of her childhood which piled the weight on, and despite the fact she's now come through adolescence and is off the medication it is nearly impossible for her to get rid of the weight. I also saw a documentary on one of the fattest women in the US who continues to put on weight because of a malfunctioning growth hormone (she is also abnormally tall due to said hormone) which, in most people, causes them to stop growing at a certain age, yet in her it's malfunctioned and caused her to keep growing - both up and out. She sticks to a very strict diet set by her doctors but it's no use as long as this hormone keeps going crazy.

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it's bulimic... if you're going to try to argue a point, try to spell it right

Like airplanes prices were ever fair in the past decade. Get real.

hypothyroidism in the thyriod gland can couse people too get fat, well mostly in women, but yeah that can cause people too get fat without eating much, like my grandmother who had it, she has too take pills, work out a lot but doesn't loose weight, and yeah people can have eating disorder, like eating too much becouse of stress relative things or depression its not always anorexia some people eat too feel better. wich is well sad for some people but we're not all perfect some people don't feel good about themselves,. so don't make your day here by trolling

clearly you've never suffered depression, and even if you had no one can honestly say a statement like that, you can't possibly know what a deep depression combined with bad life experiences and even other mental conditions can do to a person. This may not be the case here, but you never know.

nobody has hips so curvy they need an extra airplane seat.

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another way for stupid airlines to make money.... =/ sucks

No it isn't shouldn't be so fat as to use another seat.

well in one way I guess it is, but fat people who can't fit in a single seat need to buy another seat otherwise the airline will sit someone next to you and the poor person stuck next to your fat ass will be squashed. I still think air fares should be based on weight. Luggage is charged on a weight basis and planes have a max weight limit. tl;dr Suck it up and lose some weight fatty.

only problem with that is the athletes who weigh an insane amount due to muscle mass. they usually only need one seat.

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290 ... I agree. I weigh 104, and my mom weighs 200. I make more money than she does; I don't think she should have to pay more than I do and she only needs one seat!

**** NO it isn't. If your ass is so fat that it takes up the space of more than one seat, it is perfectly okay to charge for two seats. Think of how uncomfortable it would be for the person sitting next to them if the airline didn't do that! We need to stop defending the fat people of America and be real: you are fat and you need to lose weight. More importantly, YOU are the only person that should suffer for your obesity, so yeah, pay up... And you know what, I know it's harsh, but it's the cold hard truth.

Yes. If someone has enough money to eat so much, s/he definitely has enough money to pay for the extra seat. Sorry for the people who are fat because of some disease, but most of fatsos are fat just because they EAT, EAT and EAT.

disagree with 438, healthy food is usually at least twice as expensive as junk food so it's usually poorer people who are overweight

well you gotta feel sorry for the person who might have been sat next to you if you hadn't bought the ticket. They would only get 3/4 of a seat for their butt otherwise :P

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why wouldn't you just buy one first class ticket? o_O

If one economy class ticket costs $318, then a first class would be upwards of $2000. Not exactly a justifiable option in any case.

it's bullshit that airlines are doing that to people. I find it outrageous and uncalled for. for anyone that it's your fault. I think it's not. it's the dammed stupid money greedy bastards fault. * exhales *

In my opinion, it isn't bullshit. Who would want be stuck sitting next to a big guy for a long plane trip? I think I'd rather be comfortable than have to share part of my seat with someone elses ass.

It's not the airlines fault that someone has an ass so big it needs two seats. Like stated, it's not fair to have the person who sits next to the OP to only get a portion of their seat, especially if they're paying full price.

I think airplanes should have a section with extra-wide seats that cost a little more than regular seats, but not as much as a full extra ticket. That way, everyone gets the amount of space they pay for and it accommodates obese people better.

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the problem is that most airlines take the money for the extra seat, and then sell the seat to someone else anyways. so you're going to have to sit next to someone's fat ass whether or not they buy the extra seat.

Airlines generally overbook flights anyways, because people cancel or don't show up. They offer upgrades on later flights to people who they can't fit on the plane. They can upgrade a fatass to a large first-class seat on a later flight if they run out of those seats or upgrade a thinner person to a wider seat if they have too many. As for selling out on wider seats before the bigger person can even buy a ticket, they can find another flight.

People in this world are getting fatter. It's an unavoidable fact, and the world will have to change to accommodate it. My solution was at least a compromise, better than what the people complaining about the airline policy came up with. And as a person who works out and takes care of my body, I shouldn't have to be crowded by sweaty fat rolls spilling into MY seat that I paid for in an already cramped space.

We should put treadmills in planes, too.

There is a section with larger seats that cost more. It's called first class.

Large enough to accommodate people who actually need two seats? Plus, fatties don't need the free alcohol in first class. It's just more empty calories.

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Yeah. It's called first class, and MY ass paid for a full seat, not 3/4 of one. YDI

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Wow, #130, your personality is as bad as your ugly ass face.

awwww at least you have a bigger ass than Kim kardashian and j.lo combined lol XD

Ok Lizzombie than you can sit in the seat right next to that overweight slob that only had to pay for one seat. I bet you change your tune after being crushed by fat and getting soaked from fat person sweat. Try it for even an hour flight.

skroal I flew from California to NY next to a obese business man. and have no opinion in it. I guess I don't judge ppl' because of being overweight. I put on my headphones and went to sleep. so in all honesty..shut happens and get over yourself :).

Wow, 249, you're about as polite as you are beautiful.

Lizzombie, Shut happens? What the hell does that mean? You don't get it. I doubt you were next to a really obese person that took up two seats and you sat in the seat he or she was taking up half of. If you had you would be humming a different tune. So you are saying that you would rather be stuffed in half of a small airline seat because the fat person should not be required to pay for two seats? I guarantee you would do like any other normal person and demand a different seat. You paid for a full seat and you would expect a full s

to continue. It has nothing to do with your opinion of a overweight person. it's the fact that you pay for a seat you should get the entire space and if someone is so large that they take up two spaces they should be expected to pay for both seats. Period.

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It's a good idea, Mary, but it would probably be impractical. Modifying plane seating, trying to fill the plus-sized seats without having to overcharge thin people, dealing with lawsuits, etc... it's just easier this way. And I agree with whoever said people wouldn't buy them without a fuss. I'll bet the size restrictions were posted somewhere in this OP's fine print; he was probably in denial about needing to check, or he hoped no one would notice that he was over the limit. It's not like this is some shocking brand-new, airline-specific policy, after all. HDI for not doing a little research and/or being more self-aware.

Lizz: I don't think it's outrageous or uncalled for at all. When you buy a seat, you're paying for the space. If someone needs more than the average amount of space, they should have to pay more. That goes for people who bring wedding dresses or other large objects as carry-ons, as well as people who need things like wheelchairs to be available during the flight. The opposite doesn't apply, though. Smaller people and children need less space than average, but they should still have to pay for the average amount. Since other passengers can't buy leftover fractions of seats, the small people will wind up using more space than they technically need anyhow. Plus, higher prices mean fewer kids fly, which is definitely something I can live with.

it's obvious you've never had to sit next to som1 spilling into your area because they only fit in one seat. the airlines make more obese people buy another seat for the convenience of the passengers

you're a moron lizz if they take up two seats it's technically two people in both weight and do realize planes can't fly if they're past a certain weight right? also I've seen flights delayed because people needed seatbelt full length of the normal ones I have 4 times the space I need....that's just pathetic

Yea it pisses me off when ppl take up part of my chair when we paid the same price. Same with baggage allowance, should be weighed holding ur luggage and allowed a certain amount

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Says the power ranger...not all of us are as awesome as you, sorry.

YDI for letting yourself get so fat that you need two seats,