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Today, my husband left his cellphone unlocked so I decided to go through it. I found 10 texts threads from 10 different women, one of them from my 18 year old sister who was sending him nude pictures. FML
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Take screenshots, send to your phone, delete that thread from his phone, pack all your stuff on a day when he’s not home, print out all screenshots, leave on empty bed, done.

On one hand, I feel like you shouldn't have gone through his phone without his permission, but on the other hand, you're lucky you found out so now you can move on to something better...


On one hand, I feel like you shouldn't have gone through his phone without his permission, but on the other hand, you're lucky you found out so now you can move on to something better...

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I don't need my husband's permission to look at his phone, and he doesn't need my permission to look at mine. That being said, neither of us feels the need to go through the other's phone. It's called trust. And clearly (for good reason) o.p. didn't have full trust in her partner.

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It her fucken husband what you mean you should ask with our permission??? It’s not a stranger 🙄

I agree... even though many people here seems to be struggling with the legality of it, being married doesn't mean you own each other's stuff or are entitled to their property. It's still illegal to open your spouse's mail without express consent... phone is no different. A phone is a federally protected piece of personal property and unless it is registered and insured as a dual ownership item, you don't have ANY entitlement to it or its contents. Reading his messages is effectively the same as reading his mail. Glad OP learned what they needed to know but people need to get over their entitlement issues, for real.

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Ownership is dictated by what state you live in... Marital Property and Common Law Property States: The common law system provides that property acquired by one member of a married couple is owned completely and solely by that person. Marital Property and Community Property States: Community property states follow the rule that all assets acquired during the marriage are considered "community property." Marital property in community property states are owned by both spouses equally (50/50). This marital property includes earnings, all property bought with those earnings, and all debts accrued during the marriage. The states having community property are Louisiana, Arizona, California, Texas, Washington, Idaho, Nevada, New Mexico, and Wisconsin.

And in the case of one person working within the confines of HIPAA and a spouse goes through their phone, the owner of said phone could be fired and persecuted to the fullest e tent of the law........

When you're married you have no privacy. I have all my husbands passwords as does he mine. I can go through his phone when ever I want. Putting a lock on your phone is shady. She had every right to go through it. Hope she divorces his disgusting ass and beats her sisters ass for being a *****.

Take screenshots, send to your phone, delete that thread from his phone, pack all your stuff on a day when he’s not home, print out all screenshots, leave on empty bed, done.

I agree with this. Honestly, you’ll be better off. It sucks right now (I’ve been there) but once you move on from the pain and hurt you’ll see how you are better off.

Guess what, I don’t care for cats, and if he thinks he can sneak around with women, including her sister, then she can be sneaky in her own way. I can hand you the fuel, but I won’t tell you how to start the fire.

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this isn't a lifetime made-for-tv movie.

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Not all heroes wear capes. My man!

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Nosey people deserve what they get

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That makes no sense. Because they are nosy they deserve to get cheated on by their spouse? You should have anything to hide. Your fucken stupid for this comment. Such ignorance

@julieserrano YOU'RE ******* stupid as you can't even spell words correctly. If you're going to insult them, try to at least come across intelligent.

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well then, time to send all those threads to your phone, print them out and take everything in the divorce. while i agree with respecting privacy, i also think that if you want to **** other women, dont get ******* married. he deserves to have all this posted on his fb page, and so does your sister.

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I’m not endorsing what he’s doing and you really should consider moving on. That said, don’t go through peoples stuff. No excuse to cheat but it makes you wonder what else you’ve done in the past....

Some things are better off not knowing. He’s excuseless but stay out of his stuff! What’s on YOUR phone?

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Oh no- it’s not better off not knowing that he’s f-ing around with other people including her sister. No ! why waste someone else’s life? That’s such betrayal it’s not even funny. .

Literally ANYONE who says "shouldn't be snooping" or "respect his privacy" or anything of the like are cheaters. 🤷

right!! my husband and I have never looked through each other's phones but we have both made it clear that we absolutely can whenever we want and neither of us would be upset by it. hell I could ask for it right now in front of him and he would hand it right to me. we have been together for 5 years and have Zero trust issues with each other when we both had previously gone through several cheaters in our lives. privacy is important and all but when you got nothing to hide no one worries about if someone goes through their phone.

Not a cheater, never cheated in my life, I just don't have entitlement issues and I respect federal laws governing communication devices. There's no express consent clause on the marriage license that says "you are entitled to the federally protected communications of your spouse" and thus, you should mind your own. Maybe some saying it are cheaters but some of us also recognize the fact that you don't own your spouse. Your spouse is allowed to decide they are unhappy with you. They are also allowed to have privacy regarding things like their medical situation, their family life outside of your marriage, their friendships/other relationships... You are not entitled to it. It doesn't make you a cheater for wanting to maintain healthy boundaries. If anything, I think that people that insist that they are entitled to any and every single thing their partner says and does are incredibly insecure and unable to accept that a relationship is simply two separate individuals that chose to make similar life choices alongside each other. You're still living two separate lives. I'm incredibly grateful that my boyfriend doesn't have such serious security issues that he won't let me have a damn private moment to myself. That's all these comments say to me... That to be with anyone insisting entitlement would be a sacrificing of my personal privacy, which is incredibly unhealthy and psychologically damaging.


is your sister hotter than you?

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Does it matter? The boyfriend is a cheating dirtbag, do you have something to hide?

While I agree that snooping is a bad thing to do... I'm not sure who to be more angry with, your husband or your sister. My wife has and will have full access to my phone any time she wants, as I do hers. A person with something to hide doesn't deserve someone special in their life.

Unless you had a reasonable suspicion that he was cheating, you had no right to go through his phone. I think most people would feel betrayed by having their stuff gone through. Even though I have nothing to hide, I would be extremely angry if someone went through my stuff behind my back. Now if you did suspect something was going on and you were gathering evidence, that's a little different. But the question is, would you feel better off knowing or remaining ignorant?