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Today, I got a new cell phone number and sent a text to my wife. Playing around, I said, "Hey sexy are you alone yet? I'm ready to come over." She responded with, "Hey, yeah he is at work - did you get a new number?" FML
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I don't think OP should jump into conclusions. Keep texting her without telling her is you, see where it leads to. If you start assuming something, you might be wrong, but then again you could be right. Just keep texting her see where it leads to man.

What else would it be? She responded to a new number that called her sexy and she said to come over.

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There's better women out there OP, ditch the bitch.

Although I think it sounds like she might be cheating there are other options. For instance, my boyfriend finds a girl friend of mine too obnoxious. So she comes when he isn't around and we joke around with each other, calling each other sexy and things.

I know it's unlikely (since he posted here), but there's always that chance that they've been together a long time and she knows him well enough to recognize his humor and decided to play along. Definitely investigate though, because like I said the chances of this are slim (but not none).

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@51 if that were the case then she would have started laughing after and let him know it was a joke. Since OP has posted this up on FML, obviously that didn't happen, and his life/wife is actually ******. Use logic.

Unless the OP submitted the FML immediately after receiving the response text or soon after. In which case the wife might not yet have had the option to start laughing and say she knew it was him.

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@66 If that is the case then OP is dumb for posting about it on FML rather than investigating in real life first.

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I'm kind of with the people saying not to overreact right now. I'd head straight home and see if she's surprised it's you. If she is, divorce that bitch for everything she's got. Take the house, the cars, and the damn dog. At least dogs are loyal.. But, in my past experience dealing with a crazy ass girlfriend, she'd always try setting me up by using one of her friends phones to see if I'd "cheat" on her. I'd say some real raunchy shit and then call her out on it haha.

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69, It could just be the way the picture was taken, your right arm appears much stronger than your left.

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I doubt the first thing OP did was post on here. He undoubtedly worked on his marriage first. Even if it worked out to be her knowing it was him, the story is more fml worthy as written than if he included the follow up. Hopefully, he posts an update.

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I don't understand why people always assume these things are submitted immediately after they happen. I have seen ones where the author comes back and says it happened a long time ago.

you're right jumping to conclusions right now without solid proof would be catastrophic to their relationship. I mean she could have thought it was a friend who got a new number, he really can't tell yet after just one text.

how many FML's have you seen where the OP jumps the gun, there are loads, there just isn't enough information.

All of you trying to defend the wife...if it was the wife in the husbands place, would you still be as sympathetic? I really doubt it.

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I think people defend logic. There are explanations for things that don't always seem black and white.

89, yes I would be as sympathetic if the roles were reversed.

I definitely would jump to conclusions. There's no excuse in this world that would explain that with a happy ending.

agreed, such an unfortunate way to find out mate, hope it is resolved without too much hardship.

#22 it may be expensive, but it's better than having to fwce someone who broke your heart every day..

For the majority of people an open relationship is not something they want to be involved with.

I think you mean "divorce". It's a little difficult to just dump your wife.

tell her your divorce is at work also.

aw 31 what a cute parakeet! I have one myself. ^-^

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At least you found out the truth. Sorry OP.

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yeah but unfortuneatly the truth hurts

I'm sorry I laughed when I read this FML.. But she is definitely not the sharpest pencil around. I hope you dump her ass, and find yourself a loyal wife

Oh that really sucks. I hope she knew it was you and was just messing with you. If not it's time to move on!!

You don't mess with something like that...

That's probably what she'll try to pass it off as.

Well if I was going out to get a new phone number my husband would know, so that couls be the case...

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I mess around with my bf like that all the time. he gets a new number and I make comments like that. he does the same with me. we find it funny. I say dont jump to conclussions and find out more info. like maybe she is messing around with him.

64: he was messing around with her sending the message in the first place, so maybe she knew and was messing around back at him...

At least you found out. Dump her cheating ass

Good thing is that you found out. Divorce her.

That's a terrible way to find out, I'm so sorry OP

Maybe she knew about it and was just joking around? She is his wife, I'd imagine she'd have some kind of idea if he changed his number...

I have to agree with this... Some couples like to do that. She could be trying to play back.

I agree if shes cheating she wouldn't b sillyenough not t check whothe num was

Of course it is. Everything is something to joke about. Mrs. Bastard jokes around with me all the time about Javier the pool boy when I'm on call. At least I think she's joking . . .

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Lighten up, 34. Plenty of couples joke about worse things.

Doc, Tell your wife to stop fooling around with my boyfriend! Javier is mine!

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There was an FML not to long ago that was something like "The other girlfriend my boyfriend jokes about isn't a joke." So obviously couples joke about cheating, other families, being gay, etc with their partners. My boyfriend will take me out to the movies, then tell me the next morning about the "smoking hot blond" he went out with. I tell him about my date with a Swedish super model.

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Obviously he thought it was since his intention was to joke about it.

8, your relentless optimism is commendable, but since this is an FML, I'd say the wife's just a cheat.

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Wow at least the truth has been revealed and you can get on with your life with out her!

I'm sorry to hear that man :s ditch that cheating bitch and move on.

What in the world will you do if your computer erases your username?

****, and I thought I'd gone overboard with the numbers!