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  species4872  |  19

Read it again!

By  species4872  |  19

"Of course she's naked, you wanted grand kids didn't you?"

By  Cynical_1  |  26

Unless he was pointing the phone at you I can't honestly see what the problem is. Now if he had answered the call during sex then you'd have something to be upset about.

By  jcash52426  |  5

You always answer a call or a FaceTime call from your mother if not she will most likely come over or send the police because she will think something is wrong.


Um not if she understands you're an adult and has boundaries. Could you imagine that call? Mom- "I'd like to get a well-being check on my son." Police- "ok when did you last see or hear from him?" Mom- "well I tried to FaceTime him once today and he didn't answer, I'm so worried." Police- ??