By Single forever I guess - 30/09/2018 05:00

Today, after months of hurtful and derogatory remarks from matches, I had to add the line "Not trans, just ugly." to my Tinder bio. FML
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Maybe find a better dating site? Like one you have to pay for? At least on there you know people aren't just looking for ***** and giggles.


Maybe find a better dating site? Like one you have to pay for? At least on there you know people aren't just looking for ***** and giggles.

Your problem isnt resembling a trans or "being ugly", your problem is looking on Tinder.

Lots of us aren’t Tinder material. If you had to judge me based on a glimpse of a pic, you’d swipe me the rejection direction every time. It takes weeks or months of getting to know my scintillating personality to become interested. Chin up, or chins, as the case may be.

agreed. a lot of people seem hateful enough to assume all trans people are ugly

I don't think that's the issue with this girl. I think it's just that she looks masculine, so people assume she used to be male. When she says she's ugly, that's not assuming trans people are ugly, but that she is not pretty or feminine.

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Why would people match with you just to be rude?

That's something we're all still trying to work out. OP, if it's too much yes just delete the app. But there's some great people on there if you just keep looking.

Sounds like you have never tried online dating. The most common result is being ignored, followed by rude messages. On the rare cases you do get a conversation going it either fizzles out or you get ghosted when it's time to meet.

Dudes on Tinder often swipe right on every single female and only actually look at who it is when they get a notification that they get a match, aka someone that thought they were cute... More than one dude, both guys being rude to me and my dude friends, admitted this tactic to me. I'm so glad I'm not on market anymore lol

You are far better off meeting someone offline. I tried Tinder, Zoosk, POF, okcupid and Match. Pay sites aren't any better. If you don't have super model looks, a graduate degree, and superior writing skills you are just wasting time.

As my grandma used to say looks don't mean shit a good personality is more important because looks can change in a instant and will fade with age but a good personality stays forever 🤔☺️

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Get a makeover, it’s amazing what a difference a new hairstyle and well applied makeup can make. Get off Tinder. And join some real life clubs or a church or charity group so that you can meet like minded people in a safe real environment! Good luck x

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Well I’ve been blocked by at least 10 girls for being ugly. So I feel ya