By kill me - 30/09/2018 03:00

Today, my dad overheard me and my girlfriend having a very personal conversation. His response was to burst into the room and ground me for a month for failing to get her to orgasm the last 3 times we had sex. FML
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YDI if you were only thinking of your own pleasure, otherwise FYL because keeping you at home for a month is supposed to build your skills in the

Now you’ll have a month to stay home and watch “training videos” on how to really pleasure a woman. They may be called “adult film actresses” but their responses have to be genuine. It’s the law!

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Finally, a father teaching his child the importance of pleasing his woman.

Umm wow your dad needs to be taught something called personal space and should have had this conversation in private if at all,and talk about a creeper for listening in on a personal conversation with your GF,if he thought it was so important for you to be a bedroom Superman he should have given you tips on the down low and not embarrass you in front of the GF🙄😡

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children have no right to personal space(or any right fir that matter other than a right fir food and a bed plus a education)if you are under the legal age of being an adult,then you are not an adult.that being said the dad could have heard it through a vent or some such,specially if it was a older house,lot of them have vent/air ducts that connect directly to other rooms,or perhaps OP and his gf were not a quite while discussing things as they though.

Refusing to give your kids personal space is actually a form of psychological child abuse.

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good dad, you make your girl happy son.