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By  RichardPencil  |  29

Now you’ll have a month to stay home and watch “training videos” on how to really pleasure a woman.

They may be called “adult film actresses” but their responses have to be genuine. It’s the law!

By  Charlie Given  |  23

Umm wow your dad needs to be taught something called personal space and should have had this conversation in private if at all,and talk about a creeper for listening in on a personal conversation with your GF,if he thought it was so important for you to be a bedroom Superman he should have given you tips on the down low and not embarrass you in front of the GF🙄😡

  cazziuz1983  |  9

children have no right to personal space(or any right fir that matter other than a right fir food and a bed plus a education)if you are under the legal age of being an adult,then you are not an adult.that being said the dad could have heard it through a vent or some such,specially if it was a older house,lot of them have vent/air ducts that connect directly to other rooms,or perhaps OP and his gf were not a quite while discussing things as they though.

By  Justin Allan Bannister  |  9

good dad, you make your girl happy son.