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Today, I woke up in jail charged with a DWI. I wasn't drinking last night and the only thing I remember is taking my prescription sleep medicine and lying down. FML
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Did you make a toast on top of Ceasar's Palace in Vegas? Check for tigers.

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I think there is WAY more to this


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She swallowed the sleep meds with a lil vodka. That's how

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Parasomnia. It's actually a huge problem with some sleeping pills. Nasty stuff.

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Damn, throw those pills in the trash! Maybe you should try some warm milk or camomile tea.

"I just drank a fifth of vodka, dare me to drive?"

My Question is when you get Arrested for a DWI they make you blow. If he would have been on just sleep meds he would have blow zeros across the board. If he goes to court I bet he can get this dropped.

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Maybe not. DWI can mean Driving While Impaired. It doesn't matter if impaired by alcohol or sleeping pills. Depends on the state I believe. Thankfully, this is an area I have no first hand experience in.

Could be a DWI-drug and the OP didn't bother saying the whole thing.

85, OP could've refused to take the test, which will automatically get you arrested, or he could've passed the test but gotten arrested anyway for "suspicious behavior." It sucks, but in places that are cracking down on drunk driving, the cops don't **** around. All OP cab do is hire a good lawyer.

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Its happened to other people before whenthey dont drink the police pull them over they also do that test and other ones and they like to be assholes and charge them with whatever they feel like it and put these poor people in jail just so they can show there boss there not lazy.donut eating cops and meet there daily goals and hi five each other thinking there badass but yes you can fight the charges and get them dropped my moms drink was drugged before she drove home didnt feel good blacke! Out while driving and the cops gave her various tests she passed all but they still gave her a DUI she payed some fines only later did they drop them cuz they did not have enough evidence especially from those tests....

Sorry I'm replying to #1, but I think the OP should see this. You should definitely talk to your doctor and see if you can find sleep meds that don't make you sleepwalk (or drive, in your case), but if you can't find any, you can try going to sleep in a sleeping bag zipped all the way up with mittens on (so that you can't open the sleeping bag.)

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For some medicine like ambien this is actually not unheard of. People sleep drive and even can end up committing crimes and waking up the next morning in jail with no memory of it.

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Well you can get the case dismissed . You might also consider locking your keys up. And change the meds

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123- driving while intoxicated

It's a rare side effect, the common one is just basic sleep walking around your house, possibly having a conversation with someone and even making a snack while doing so. It's not so common for someone to actually go sleep driving though.

Sleep walking is the bigger problem, records of sleep driving or even leaving the house are pretty rare and it usually occurs in patients who would sleep walk prior to the medication, which will then make your issue worse.

49 - if he's on prescription medication it's because he's truly an insomniac, all the tricks or natural substances to help someone fall asleep who just has a hard time on occasion, don't work on people with insomnia. I've tried every type of herbal relaxation tea they make, Tylenol pm, unisom, melatonin, hypnotherapy tapes, etc... None of it works. He definitely needs to change prescriptions, but the home remedies, natural supplements, and over the counter medication don't cut it for everyone.

85 - dwi doesn't always mean intoxicated, it applies if you're impaired by drugs as well, prescription or illegal, and given that it was a side effect of his sleeping medication, it would be incredibly obvious that he was on something that was impairing his ability to drive. Odds are since it's a side effect the charges will be dropped, granted that whoever prescribed him the pills would go in and explain that he does in fact have a prescription, that it is a more uncommon side effect than basic sleep walking but entirely possible that he wasn't consciously aware of even getting in the car, and that they will be changing his prescription (and probably require that someone stays with him the first few nights to make sure he takes to it well) in hopes of preventing any future risks.

Ambien would explain it. They warn about strange sleep behavior/patterns in the pharmacy - and on the bottle for these reasons. If OP drove a car while sleeping due to being under prescription meds, it's also considered a DUI. Alcohol doesn't always have to be involved. It sucks because you still get it on your record even though it wasn't a purposeful, deliberate action, unlike so many DUIs out there today.

Did you make a toast on top of Ceasar's Palace in Vegas? Check for tigers.

Probably had the sleep medication switched with some roofies. Maybe a Chinese gangster is after you and you have $80,000 with you. Hope Mike Tyson isn't after you.

And if you had a buddy with you at any point, remember: always check the roof.

Check your pockets! The clues are always there. Use receipts to make a timeline.

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Also, do you happen to be missing a tooth? Your lateral cisor, perhaps?

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Did you find a little baby boy whose mom you got married to in a little chapel last night? Was his name Carlos?

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Is there a little bloke that looks like a Korean dictator hiding in the freezer?

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Are you missing your grandmother's wedding ring?

Did you find a naked gay Asian in the trunk of a car and a tiger in a bathroom and a chicken just chillin' also?

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I think there is WAY more to this

Not really. Those sleep meds can really F with you.

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People have been known to drive while on ambien and other sleep meds.

I take Remeron which has made me get up in my sleep for a snack. Ambien is worse for doing things while in a sleep state. This is just an extreme case of that.

Hangover 3 Coming to theaters near you!

Sounds like it's time for a change in medication...

sounds like it's time for some kind of compensation from the drug company

I think you did wayyy more than lay down my friend.........

I took Ambien. It sucks! I kept sleep walking and talking in my sleep. Not fun. Not fun at all.

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When you take Ambien you have to be in the correct mindset and close your eyes with the thought that it will work. After 20 minutes and you are still awake is when the "fun" begins.

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Been there done that...Ambien is wicked. It also changes your personality. My hubby hates it when I have to take mine. But I don't take a full pill anymore only half.

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I had to stop taking Ambien. I went a full day without remembering anything...and on that day I went to the doctors office, the one that prescribed it for me. Needless to say they told me to dispose of the remainding.

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When you said Ambien, I'm agreeing with you. My mother is a true insomniac and takes Ambien. When she does sleepwalk, she is nutty as a fruitcake.

I had a similar thing happen. I have somnombolism (sleep walking) and they gave me medication to help with it. I woke up with the police knocking on my door telling me that I had been seen writing bad words on the wall by some girl on our floor.

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Or somnomnomnombolism- sleep eating?

Actually, I make sammiches for my boyfriend and make him eat them at like three in the morning. Then I make a mess of the kitchen, yell incoherently at him to clean up his mess and go back to sleep.

As long as your asshole doesn't hurt I'd say you be fine eh

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Dude its just an overnighter. I know it was a joke but thats gross.

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Are you, by any chance, friends with Alan ?

We are the 3 best friends that anyone could have!

OP reminds me so much of Fat Jesus. Where's Doug?

Ummmm..... There are WAYYYY to many Alans in this world. A last name would help. Also, I don't think OP will answer you. That'll give away his identity. Dadadaaahhhh.......

There are WAYYYYY to many Alans in this world. A last name would help. Besides, it's not like OP will respond. It'll give away his secret identity. Dah dah daaaahhhhh............

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Someone might haved DRUGED your drugs. Yes it's very possiable.

Possible* If you were going to correct them, how did you miss that one?

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The more likely possibility, my typing-challenged friend, is that this is merely a TYPICAL, scary side effect of sleep meds like Ambien. The shit is MUY dangerous.

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#55 am actually typing-gifted :) english is not even my first language.