By Anonymous - 09/07/2015 19:46 - United States

Today, after breaking up with my girlfriend of 3 years a few months ago, my boys convinced me to go out with the cute girl I had been talking to on Tinder. However, she wasn't cute, or a girl. He robbed me. FML
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mds9986 24

Yup. Sadly, there exists in this world, people who do this kind of crap. Preying on people just looking for love.

It's called catfishing. I don't know why.

amileah13 26

So much for trying to get back out there! Sorry that happened to you op! Hopefully you reported it and he was caught?

Not everyone is who they say they are online. Next time try skyline with her before you meet in person. It's nearly impossible to fake live video.

Someone else can show up at your doorway that she can be working for.

True enough, but it's less likely to happen than meeting someone who you only know via text.

well at least your next date can only get better.

Wow, sorry, op. Hope whatever he robbed from you is easily replaceable! Like #8 said, at least your next date can only get better.

You should try here. Everyone is who they say they are. Trust me.

It is true - I am only part of the Very Boring Group on fb for the irony - honest!