By Anonymous / Sunday 22 November 2015 04:54 /
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  LostMy_Marbles  |  23

A few years back, I had my tonsils out. My throat started bleeding unexpectedly at 11pm and it was actually pooling in my mouth. I had to sit upright all night, swallowing my own blood (if I spat it out it kind of rushed out and I couldn't breathe) until 8 in the morning when the surgeon could fix it up.
It is really scary and really horrible , I feel OP's pain!


Sounds very unpleasant. I have respect for people like you and OP for pushing through such painful and terrifying experiences. Personally the worst injury I've ever received is a broken pinkie toe, so I wouldn't be able to relate to you or OP. But I'm glad you lived through it with no permanent harm and I hope you don't experience anything like it again :)

By  Rawrshi  |  25

Okay, but you have an excuse for all the popsicles you want now!

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