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Today, after an extremely hard day at work, I took a hot shower to wind down a little bit. I accidentally splashed a painful amount of hot water and shampoo in my eyes. My left contact is now stuck to my eyeball. FML
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Good part is: when you cry, there will be bubbles (:

you're not supposed to wear contacts in the shower.


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Hopefully that wasn't written in sarcasm. One of my LIST OF THINGS TO DO BEFORE I DIE is to post "First" on any sort of blog/video, etc, and in doing so hoping to alienate people

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That's too bad, if it helps anyone feel better, I found myself annoying, I gave myself a thumbs down

Good job. I gave you a thumbs down too.

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why were you wearing your contacts in the shower?

19.. lol I'm sure people found you annoying too

I think the only person you're alienating is yourself you stupid ****.

Oh yet another picture of abs... lol oh so funny.

40 - Honestly. Does calling someone a **** make you feel big about yourself? No need to be rude.

43 haha I think most pictures on fml are of abs lol :D

Good part is: when you cry, there will be bubbles (:

you're not supposed to wear contacts in the shower.

You're not suppose to let them get stuck in your eye either. What if it melted into your eye, and you got super powers? Your power could be that you can look at a person and see the dumbest thing they did that day. Oh boy, I hope I never run into you.

#80; The "do you see this" sounds like you are grabbing for attention under 2's comment. I gave her comment a thumbs up already.

but the latter part of your comment doesn't have anything to do in response to 2, so in a sense you also just posted to get your comment to the top....

I'm commenting all over the place on this FML. I'm sorry for putting my comment at the top in reply to the person under #2. The rest of my comment was just a random thought at the time.

anyways.. I wear contacts and your not supposed to wear them in the shower.. or if your going to get water in your eyes..

is it bad I'm tempted to put soap in my eyes so I can cry bubbles?

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I wear my contacts in the shower all the time. Get over it! :)

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94 - What are you supposed to be?


your not supposed to get your contacts wet or else they will crack in your eye and you will have to get surgery out- well at least for mine :)

I f**king love bubbles. Like that moodlet on Sims 3 when you're in the hot tub and it's all like "Ooooh... Buuuuubbles...". I wish I could cry bubbles

169 - what kind of contact do you have?!?!? if the anyones contact gets wet it either moves or falls ofd not ckrack in your eye... im sorry it just doesnt seem possible, unless u have glass contacts

169, ur eye is has water on it or tears or something. im guessing ur talking temp. wise?

uhmm .. they can obviously get wet ... you put them In contact solution when you take them out which is "wet"

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I don't know what sort of half ass eye Drs some of you seem to have but you absolutely CAN shower and swim with contacts in.

Well 2 sorry I'm a little late but I ******* love your picture there buddy.!! ;D

I wish I could cry bubbles, problem is my eyesight is too sharp. :(

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i hate contacts... having to touch your eye.... i just wouldnt be able to do it...

yeah it was never really weird for me because I can touch my eye without it hurting..

245- I think ur one of the few ppl who I think cud pull off a septum peircing sorry just thought id point it out u shud think about getting one if ur into peircings lol


#11 no one listens to that law like people who wear braces still eat crap they're not supposed to.

80 I agree with you. people need to learn not to attention seek by just posting something unrelated on the first comment. attention seekers

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I've actually lost a few contacts while swimming when I was younger and yes dumb. So yes you can swim with them in, but not very successfully if your vision is as bad as mine when they fall out.

I thought that initially, but with practice you can put them in comfortably and first time

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Ydi for wearing contacts in the shower...

Favourited the FML just for this comment

it's more of a choice it's safer not to I wear mine I n the shower

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That sounds incredibly painful...

Extremely hard days at work usually are...

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you don't shower with contacts in...

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I wear my glasses in the shower, so that I can see the bugs I'm grooming out of my fur.

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exactly they tell yew that when yewr doing yewr trial !

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I just read your "About Me" section and seriously? Before you call yourself a "spelling Nazi" learn the difference between "your" and "you're".

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pfft. I papercut my eyes an then pour vinegar on them, simply to make myself better than I already was. (even though Iam already pretty much perfect)

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145- You'll be BLIND then!

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I've actually had 2 papercuts in my eyes before. Don't ask lol.

Ouch! I hate when I get shampoo in my eyes. That hurts.

Yeah, I hate it too. I remember getting the L'oreal no tear shampoo for kids. Lying bitches. I still ******* cried.

lol... oh. Well in that case, I feel for ya.

Agh! Don't believe them! They always lie when they say no tears.

Indeed they do. You'd think I would have learned by now and stopped getting it in my eyes on purpose.

Maybe you'll grow immune to it after you burn your eyes enough! ;)

Hmm, I never thought of it in that way. I shall continue splashing away. :D

Actually, it's probably a terrible idea. But let me know how it works out for you! ;)

So far no difference. :D Ah, White Sox fan? Just when I thought you were cool...

Oh no... don't tell me you're a Cubs fan...

Lmao, do the Cubs even have fans still? Braves fan, Braves fan. Even with the shitty record they have.

oh nvm I just saw you're a Braves fan. I'm okay with that... I'm a Chipper Jones fan.

I'll have more respect for the White Sox if they either place first in Central, or get the wildcard and kick the Indians out this year.

Don't count on it. They can't seem to win a game with an amazing roster... lol we shall see what happens.

Gah, I know what you mean... Fackin Braves.

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I've had way to many personal experiences with shampoo in my eyes so that has definitely got to hurt OP

#167, if you know a thing or two about baseball you can always join the conversation. :D

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I'll join the baseball conversation just saying

I can't believe that I'm saying this, but...... I'm a Mariners fan. *walks away with head down in shame*

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Don't hate on the Cubs bro. People don't go to Cubs games to watch baseball... They go there to party

I don't mind the Blue Jays. They have Escobar; he didn't do too much for us towards the end, but he sure is helping your team.

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well the cardinals of they ever get going can be very dangerous

Cardinals kicked Brave's ass the other day... More than once.

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the cardinals have a stout lineup especially in the middle surrounding pujols they just need pitching and the braves need another dominant arm with some other big hitters chipper just can't do it anymore he is getting quite old

Sheesh, it's a pitcher we need. That and for everyone to have their bat going at the same time. Heyward, McCann, Prado, and Uggla are doing legit. Our closers have been sucking ass though.

I'm a cubs fan. Any of you got a problem with that?

Haha. I'm surprised you don't have a problem with that. :P

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ouch that sucks guess it didn't help much did it?

megz!! you have same birthdate as me OMFG!!! :D we rule!

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noo. he isnt a douche. i vote YDI. youre not supposed to shower with your ******* contacts in. anyone who has contacts would know. (me) if you dont know that, gtfo.

at least u have permanent good eye sight :)

just wondering? why r u taking a shower with your contacts on? not trying to be mean! just asking

I do it all the time... it's usually not a problem. unless of course you get soap in your eyes. In that case, YDI.

I always put my contacts in before I take a shower, but if I don't I'm pretty much blind.

some people do shower with contacts in cuz they dont feel like takin them out then puttin them in 10-15 minutes later

She may b new to contacts. Who knows. >.>

I have to shower with mine in. Blurryness + Steam = Me somehow getting hurt.