By sstahpp - / Thursday 20 August 2015 21:24 / South Africa - Pretoria
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  RedPillSucks  |  30

good thing you weren't using it to do a vag massage

  buckstop1  |  34

I'm not too sure if you've noticed, but what #8 said IS a plot twist. The shower was supposed to be relaxing. The shower turned out to not be so relaxing. Boom. Plot twist


Today, I donated a dollar to a kids charity at Lowe's. The cashier handed me a star to sign my name, I signed it and gave it back to her. She looked at me with disgust and asked what was wrong with me. I had to pull out my license to prove to her that my name is really Michael Myers. FML

By M1CHA3L_MY3RZ - / Wednesday 2 March 2016 01:22 / United States
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