By bobuhbeartoe - 24/08/2009 04:36 - United States

Today, while showering, I finished off the shampoo bottle. I decided to see if I could shoot it into the trash can over the shower curtain. When I heard the successful "thunk", I got so excited I slipped and cracked my head open. FML
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you cracked it open? like a coconut? did any of your brains leak out? you need to invest in some grippier feet

dayrin7 4

hehe i least you made it in XD


Horurerukul 0

You got excited over that? YDI

In my opinion, that is something to be excited about.

Sure it's something to be mildly excited about, but so excited that you slip and crack your head open? Not so much. OP must have a really crappy life or something to get /that/ excited about making that weird shot.

actually this is FYL, if no one gets excited over making a shot into a trashcan they are emotionless bastards. i sympathize with OP since i know wut a slippery shower is like, especially if its tile. next time buy those anti slip mats or pads for the shower, they really help out

blargity 0

he may not have gotten it into that trashcan because it could have probably made that sound on whatever type of bathroom floor he has anyway

thats what we call FAIL

mandapanda93 0

i dont think u hve to get to excited to fall in the shower. all it takes is like one sudden movement and u just slip

pedobearsstalker 0

pics or it didn't happen

I completly agree with 15. but OP, that's kinda sad (and halarious) YDI

Drummerboy1234 0

just because OP got excited, doesn't mean he lives a crappy life. enjoy the little things you assholes, cause one day you'll look back and regret not experiencing them; be it shooting a shampoo bottle into a trashcan no look, or simply making someone smile. I sympathize with him, FYL

So I'm guessing you're clumsy? I guess you learned your lesson about being careful in the shower, and yeah, FYL.

lol_XD_fml 0

just a little mean?? :P

He wasn't clumsy, just had an Adhesive Duck Deficiency.

dayrin7 4

hehe i least you made it in XD

You got a little bit of duck in your face.

hahhaha what a loser.

ydi_bitch 0

YDI for having a head

PlasmaWafflez 0

LOL! You just made my day! That's sooo funny hahahahaha

obviously you're an idiot then. not funny.

...That's not funny. You must have an idiotic sense of humour. O.o

PlasmaWafflez 0

It was 4am and I was stoned

lendmeyourteeth 0

your life sounds super exciting props

you cracked it open? like a coconut? did any of your brains leak out? you need to invest in some grippier feet

ashleeee 0

lmfaoooooooooooooooo !


YDI. That's why you should recycle. You should have finished your shower, rinsed out the bottle and then recycled it.

who the hell does that?

keven501 12

Save the planet

i find it a little bit exaggerated for your skull to have cracked open. how'd you manage to post this here if it seriously cracked open? and, you really got so excited over that bottle of shampoo which landed in the bin? how old are you? o.o

yeah i think he may of exagerated that,and even grown men in office throwing paper into the bins get excited when they make it haha