By bobuhbeartoe - United States
Today, while showering, I finished off the shampoo bottle. I decided to see if I could shoot it into the trash can over the shower curtain. When I heard the successful "thunk", I got so excited I slipped and cracked my head open. FML
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  genius_man16  |  0

Sure it's something to be mildly excited about, but so excited that you slip and crack your head open? Not so much. OP must have a really crappy life or something to get /that/ excited about making that weird shot.

  elchapin562  |  0

actually this is FYL, if no one gets excited over making a shot into a trashcan they are emotionless bastards. i sympathize with OP since i know wut a slippery shower is like, especially if its tile.
next time buy those anti slip mats or pads for the shower, they really help out


just because OP got excited, doesn't mean he lives a crappy life. enjoy the little things you assholes, cause one day you'll look back and regret not experiencing them; be it shooting a shampoo bottle into a trashcan no look, or simply making someone smile. I sympathize with him, FYL

By  pingpongdj  |  0

i find it a little bit exaggerated for your skull to have cracked open. how'd you manage to post this here if it seriously cracked open?
and, you really got so excited over that bottle of shampoo which landed in the bin? how old are you? o.o