By Mariah Heimann - 15/12/2011 03:34 - United States

Today, after getting rear ended by a car, I texted my husband to let him know I was in the hospital. His response? "I'm at Taco Bell." FML
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tell him to bring you a taco.

Haha well you were cutting in on the mans meal time!


Haha well you were cutting in on the mans meal time!

His train of thought was probably... 'if she is well enough to text me then she isn't injured enough to disturb my taco bell'

Rule # 1 never mess with a mans meal. Especially if it involves bacon.

In his defense, it was freaking Taco Bell. If it were like McDonald's or something, I'd understand. But Taco Bell! This reminds me of the Seinfeld episode where Elaine's boyfriend was in a car accident and she bought Jujyfruits before going to the hospital. It's not like it affected your condition.

more like 'Taco Hell.' amirite? amirite?

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26- not only no, but hell no

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Quiero TACO BELL!!

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Surprise BUTTSECKS?!

38 and 52 I don't think you've eaten at Taco Bell before

tell him to bring you a taco.

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So much yes.

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So she can extend her stay at the hospital?

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Jack in the box is 2 for a dollar soo I'd go there.

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28- If she can text and remember what he said to put it on FML, she can handle Taco Bell.

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41- it's disgusting at JITB. I've worked there, never touching the tacos again.

Jack in the Box has tacos?

He eats when he's nervous.

Hes a stress eater

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Does switching to GEICO can really save you 15% or more in your car insurance.... lol sorry I love that commercial. I thought it would be appropriate.

Horrible grammar...

rule #1 : don't disturb a men while eating his taco.

His 'taco' is in the hospital....

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Someone is going to be in the dog house tonight

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or he can spend his night at Taco Bell.

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Why, he was just being honest! He probably thought she was joking at first.

Why? She texted instead of calling, she was only rear-ended so not critical, and he told her where he was. He was probably a little anxious and responded in an anxious way. Big deal. She was where she needed to be after a car accident. If the FML said he didn't come for hours I would understand.

Lol my friend's dad went to Taco Bell while her mom was in labor

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If it was really that important why didn't you call? Why would you text him..was it really that hard to dial the number? Thats just sad..

You're not always allowed to make phonecalls from everywhere in the hospital, so then texting is a good and silent alternative :)

Well maybe he could be in a meeting or something, she got rear ended, so it probably just to examine her neck. Not necessarily urgent. So texting was a good choice, if he got the spare time (sounds like he had) he could've called back

Serioussss stuff hah

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Gotta love taco bell!!

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34- you can insult me, my mother, or Jesus Christ himself, but don't you dare question the quality of Taco Bell!

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34- havent you seen all the media about how Taco Bell uses real meat now?

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47 really?? Damn love me taco bell.

TylerOMFG 7

My comment was screwed up, oh well. I thought 47 said they still didn't use meat. Whatever ._.

34, as a former employee of taco bell, I say go **** yourself please and go spread more of your fake bullshittery somewhere else.

Exactly. OP's life doesn't suck, her husband's is just better.

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Deal #1 2$meal baja blast

it gives me the *****...

Well you can kinda understand his point. HE doesn't need to go through all this hungry, does he? :P

He was asking if you're hungry, nice guy.

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"Yo quiero Taco Bell"

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wtf? ?? did he think you were just passing time telling him about your day? tell him you need him! and that he needs to get his ass over there now!

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"Aghh it's dark in here, and I can't see", "will you marry me", "Out to lunch, please see next packet". =p

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