By Rhyno - United States
Today, I went to meet my girlfriends parents for the first time. I accidentally drove past their house the first time, but saw the whole family outside waiting to meet me. I pulled a U-Turn and heard a thud. The whole family watched me run over their dog. FML
Rhyno tells us more :
To explain a bit more in detail, I pulled a U-Turn and the dog ran out of the yard and boom... It was a medium sized dog, I drive an SUV and didn't see it as I was making the turn. I didn't even know they had a dog... haha The following 20 minutes were probably the most uncomfortable of my life, after I knew the dog was fine I kinda laughed nervously and left. "Hi I'm the guy who is dating your daughter, sorry about the dog"... Live and you learn.
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  ndanick  |  4

HAHAHA ur dumb

By  sharpe15  |  0

it's probably because you don't know the difference between "their" and "they're"

  chunkynose  |  0

yeah, but there are lots of people who have a helluva time when meeting their significant other's parents.
kind of like there are so many ways to screw up sex. they're in the same "so easily able to FYL" category.

By  Sjolie  |  0

N e one else noticing the large amount of "I went to meet my girlfriend's parents for the first time..." on here?

Not that they aren't funny. Little repetitive.

  notcoolperson  |  0

"The whole family watched me run over their dog"
would it make sense if he had "The whole family watched me run over they are dog".
Learn english fool.

  poopy910  |  8

you fucking idiot think about you say before you want to sound like a god damn smart ass dumb shit. god people like you make me want to shoot everyone god damn. fucking retard.

  PeanutSteak  |  0

He means it needs to be corrected because that guy ran over his girlfriend's entire family because THEY ARE DOG! To make matters worse they had to watch themselves get run over.


in stead of complaining about: their or they're. ask yourself the real question:'what the hell was that dog doing on the road there?' or is it 'on the road their' or 'on the road they're'

By  AnneFTW  |  17

Aww the poor dog! You should've been more careful but if it just ran out in front of you I guess there's nothing you could've done. If it was an accident then hopefully they won't be too mad.