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  G0v3nat0r  |  7

I can imagine that now,
OP: "you know we needed that money to live right?"
Wife: "but I just had to get pointless things I don't need!!"

By  justlikeme79  |  9

She's your wife. If she's THAT financially irresponsible, you should know by now not to trust her with rent while you're away. With Black Friday coming up no less, come on man. YDI.

  umm_Talk  |  9

AFTER Thanksgiving, people line up outside of stores at like two in the morning waiting for the doors to open. There's usually some pretty sweet deals.

  kaleighanna  |  0

on black Friday stores sell huge 50" TVs for a fucking dollar it's not just for game shit or electronics it's for almost anything u want yes it's material things but I bought 3 TVs and sold them separately and made a ton on money so it's not just crap stuff

By  Timmeeh  |  17

Ask whether he'll take payment in obscure kitchen implements. Maybe see whether he wants that strange device you still haven't entirely worked out the function of, but everyone was fighting over them and there was only one left. You know the one.

  Timmeeh  |  17

The type of stuff people typically purchase on black Friday; never stuff you need, always stuff you vaguely desire because it's massively reduced.

  FYLDeep  |  25

I've never heard implements used as a noun before. I had to look that up. I guess the more Americanized version of what you meant would be "obscure kitchen appliances".

  Timmeeh  |  17

Yeah, I'm British, I wasn't actually aware implements in that context wasn't also used across the pond. While my American English is far from perfect, I'd be surprised if it's never used as a noun at all; do phrases such as stone implements, blunt implement, implement of torture etc really not see any usage in the US?