By thatguy8878 - 26/06/2015 20:41 - United States - Smethport

Today, my brother tried cremating our deceased cat. In the oven. My nose has killed itself. FML
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thatguy8878 tells us more.

My little brother is five, and, yes, it has been discussed with him why that was a terribad idea for those of you who asked.

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blahblah005 16

wtf is wrong with ur brother ? thats terrible


Who in their right mind would try that?!

lexiieeex3 32

Well if OP's brother is really young in a twisted way if kinda makes sense, I mean that's what happens when you cremate someone, it's just usually not done where one cooks their food or by someone other than a professional...

morena2296 3

It's actually not done in an oven, more like in actual flames to get the ashes. An oven would just bake it like a pie.

I totally see where you're coming from, 46, but it seems to me that if someone is old enough to know about cremation, then they're usually old enough to know not to put dead cats in an oven.

I'm thinking someone really, really cheap who didn't feel like paying for a proper burial.

That sounds absolutely terrible... why didn't he take the cat to a vet to have it done?

@OP see, that information would've been handy earlier

@OP, well thats actually kind of messed up. maybe take him to therapy?

RedPillSucks 31

psychopaths smell like burning cat?

I would agree with this if the cat were still alive. Perhaps he was just misguided and too young to know better?

#4 you do understand that the cat was already dead right?

Serial killers often start by mutilating dead animals they find. Then they progress to killing small animals until it escalates from there. The more you know.

Was the cat alive when you left the house this morning?

Takes one to know one, eh? No chance the guy was simply a dummy??

I'm very late but "randomcritic" likely meant that he'd believe the kid was a psychopath if he ATTEMPTED the cremation while the animal was still alive. Since it was dead, there's less of a ****** up twist and more of a sad misunderstanding.

It probably didn't work, but at least he had a creative idea!

I hope you're not being serious, that's not what is classed as creative

cmchappy 25

Don't you mean a cremative idea

Wow, that's several kinds of bad! Sorry for the loss of your cake, your nose and your oven!

It was a cat, genius. And you bake cakes, not cremate them.

I think you know it was a typo. But kudos to you for correcting people and being a dick about it.

I'm sure the "cake" was "cat" that was auto corrected, calm down with the down votes guys....

Yeah, sorry, I was writing CAT and you are right, it autocorrected and by the time I went back to re-read the correction time had run out. Plus it wouldn't let me reply to my own comment before someone else did. So, sorry for the typo and still sorry for the loss of a pet.

Keep that cat close from now on OP :/

So... The nine lives thing is bullshit, eh? *sarcasm*

The cat was also "cremated" in the oven, so there won't be any keeping of it. (I hope).

blahblah005 16

wtf is wrong with ur brother ? thats terrible