By theDarkandtheLight

Star Bores

Today, my boyfriend and I binged Star Wars. Now he keeps talking about how the Empire is superior to the Republic, digging up Reddit threads / YouTube videos / expressing his own political ideas to convince me of this. I just wanted to watch the movies. FML
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By  RichardPencil  |  30

Just tell him that you won't compromise, but William Shatner is the best Captain Kirk, case closed.

His Death Star head will explode and you'll be free to find a boyfriend who keeps Sci-Fi in perspective as a form of entertainment.

By  jjmeow  |  10

When I watched Star Wars for the first time, it was with a good friend who's more or less (more, I'd say) obsessed. I got the whole package - commentary, trivia and random facts, lore, theories, jokes... plus a few sessions of Battlefront and X-Wing!