By unluckiestperson - 29/08/2010 15:45 - United Kingdom

Today, I found out that my very expensive and beautiful smelling perfume attracts wasps. Whenever I go out, wherever I am, I am followed by multiple wasps. FML
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atleast your followed around by someone or atleast something..... if not papparrazi then um something else.. I guess...... lolz:p

look at it this way, it would be worse if you were allergic to bees/wasps but seriously, see if you can get a refund?

Makes you irresistible regardless of Phylum

simple solution: put it away until wasp season is over. that way you don't waste it and dont get followed my wasps..maybe next time think twice before splurging on an item with little to no use

Makes you irresistible regardless of Phylum

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then stop wearing it........idiot

it's not useless... so she can't wear it a few months a year, she can still use it the rest of the time...