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By intrepid_traveller - 19/08/2021 03:01 - Finland - Parola

Today, after spending the night anxiously waiting for a negative COVID test result which would allow me to travel, I got to the airport in the morning, despite delays, and finally realized that my wallet is sitting on my couch at home. I'm on the plane now. There's no going back. FML
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That's a neat trick because I'm pretty sure you need ID to even get through security at the airport... then you need it again at the gate to get on the plane.

For international travel, a passport is your ID


That's a neat trick because I'm pretty sure you need ID to even get through security at the airport... then you need it again at the gate to get on the plane.

Yup, I don't see in what universe this FML would even be remotely possible, since you get your ID checked at least 3 times at the airport: for check-in, while going through security, and finally again when boarding. The only one that might not happen is for check-in if you do it online. But there's still the other two.

For international travel, a passport is your ID

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@RichardPencil is right. Also, she could keep her ID in her phone case and credit cards etc in her wallet. I used to do that shit and realized it was too much to keep up with and now keep it all in my phone. It’s convenient although a little less safe given how often we use our phones versus only pulling out our wallets when we’re using them - easier to lose. Tons of other scenarios too. ID or passport was in her purse or pocket and full wallet was at home, etc. OP see if someone can get to your house and overnight it to you (although it’ll probably be expensive). You can also call you bank and have them wire you an emergency chunk of cash from your account. Bank of America did this for me as a one-time courtesy when I lost my debit card while overseas. I just needed to go to Western Union and pick up the cash. They really are everywhere lol. Good luck!

I'm well aware that a passport is the standard form of ID for international travel. The thing is, whatever form ID OP provided at the airport will still work on her way back. The FML just doesn't make a whole lot of sense. Unless OP only bought a one-way ticket going away from home, which sounds rather odd as well.

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It’s not about her not having her ID. It’s about her not having her money. You can have one without the other.

Marcella1016 is absolutely right, and it's also the reason I let this FML in. I've taken a plane before, yes, even me, so I wouldn't have allowed the FML if it mentioned ID anywhere. I took wallet to mean money, credit cards and stuff that would be useful during a trip.

True. I guess OP got dropped off at the airport, as any other option would have required paying for bus, cab fare, parking or some such. Also, not having money won't affect OP's return trip, just her odds of surviving until then. I agree the FML is possible, but it requires an absolutely terrible trip preparation from OP, on top of rather spectacular bad luck.

With a bit of luck, OP will find the time to post a comment to explain!

If I remember correctly, you typically pay for parking when you’re leaving. You get a dates and time stamped ticket when you go to park, then when you leave, you return the ticket so they know how much to charge you.

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I just realized part of the confusion may be from OP saying “There’s no going back.” I interpreted it as it’s too late for her to turn around and go back for her wallet. Maybe everyone else thought she meant there’s no going back to her country and she’s stuck overseas without an ID for the rest of her life? Lol On the bright side, she can live with Tom Hanks in the airport terminal.

I hope you left Netflix running on your TV or your wallet will be very bored.

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I want follow ups about how you checked into hotel

Hi there, OP here! Sorry about the confusion! I did not even realize my predicament could be interpreted multiple ways until I saw the comments, haha. To clarify, I was carrying my wallet, phone, and passport separately. I didn't notice I was missing all my money since I did not need it at any point prior to boarding the plane because the airport staff only checks your ID (passport) and the required documents. So that's the story of how I found myself in a foreign country with not a single cent to my name - easily among my top 10 most uncomfortable realizations! I definitely deserve it for quintuple-checking I had everything I needed to travel, except for my actual money, lmao! Luckily I was visiting family so all I really needed to do was get through a full day of travel with no food (nope, not even on the planes), after which I got backup for the rest of the trip. Needless to say, if this happened to me while travelling somewhere new alone I would have royally lost my mind (I still did a little!).